Elvis Presley refused sex after he ‘fed Priscilla Presley drugs’

Elvis Presley first met the woman who would go on to be his wife, Priscilla Presley (who was named Priscilla Beaulieu at the time), in 1959. The pair was in Friedberg at the time. Priscilla was living in Germany with her stepfather who was a US Air Force captain. She met The King of Rock and Roll at that time, after he had enlisted in the US Army. The couple’s relationship blossomed almost instantly, eventually leading to her moving to Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee in 1962. Although Elvis was able to feel a strong connection with Priscilla and he did not want their marriage to be finalized until years later over what he considered “sacred”.

Priscilla recalled that Elvis, during one of their first nights together in Graceland “counted out his usual amount of sleeping pills as the sun rose”

“Why aren’t you taking them now?” She said, “You’ll be asleep,” and then added that she had other plans for the legend singer.

He replied: “Don’t worry. They will take a while to kick in,” before handing Priscilla a big red pill.

Elvis said, “Here. Just take one of these to get a restful night’s sleep. You’re not going school today so it’s fine. It’s not something I would recommend for school night. (Via People).

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Priscilla said in her autobiography, “I took the pill.” I felt a pleasant sensation. My body tingled. My head was very lightheaded, but I had control.

“I was content to snuggle in Elvis’ arms and feel his warmth against my body. The sleeping pill made me feel like my inhibitions were disappearing.

The couple was on the right track to get there, as Priscilla desired. However, Elvis ended their passion.

Priscilla said: “Whether it be dressing up in school uniforms and pretending to be a sweet and innocent schoolgirl or a secretary returning home from work, and then relaxing in her private bedroom, we were constantly inventing new stories.”

Priscilla was also taught by Elvis how to dress up and act.

At the time, the young lady was told which colors to wear: red, blue and turquoise; emerald, green; black and white.

He “regretted” the colours of the army, particularly brown and dark green.

Elvis and Priscilla got married almost ten years later than they had met.

Priscilla discovered that she was pregnant a month after her wedding.

Their daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, was born on February 1, 1968.


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