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Rockable stool vs. kneeling chair: Which strange seat is the best? for your desk?

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Rockable stool vs. kneeling chair: Which strange seat is the best?
for your desk?

For work, comfortable seating is crucial. A kneeling or saddle-style chair might be a better option if you are unhappy with your current office chair. Mashable tested both the Tic Toc chair, which is a rockable stool and Variable Balans (a kneeling chair). You can compare the options below and find out which is right for you.

The Tic Toc Chair sells for $249 with cushion (and trust us, you want the cushion). The Variable Balans clocks in at $349; more if you go for one of the Instagram-ready colorways from the MoMA Design Store.

Limits on weight and adjustment

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Tic Toc Chairs can be adjusted easily between 16.125″ and 23.625″. These heights are compatible with many types of surfaces and allow for a wide range of users to enjoy it. Maximum weight for the stool is 220 lbs.

Variable Balans can support up to 240 lbs. Although the height cannot be adjusted, I found that my desk was comfortable with my kneeling position. It can be sat backwards, as a traditional chair or one-leg up. Variable Balans chairs can be ordered with a removable backrest. This makes it more flexible.

The chairs can be stored under desks or in small spaces. The Tic Toc stool is more comfortable for a child than either of the chairs.


Tic Toc Chairs are not designed to be comfortable when you sit for extended periods of time or when your body is tired. The Tic Toc Chair is a chair that will alert you if you have been sitting for too long.

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Variable Balans has a plush, more flexible design that allows for greater position change throughout the day. To pull the chair closer to your desk, it is slightly annoying.

What one should I buy?

The Variable Balans is a great alternative to traditional chairs that you can use for your entire workday. Although it is more costly than the TicToc, it offers more options and is lighter so it makes a good overall choice. The Tic Toc is an option for occasional breaks from standing or sitting at an office desk. It can be used by kids as well.

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