“I really like Chrissy Evert’s tweets” – Anett Kontaveit on her favourite tennis Twitter account

Anett Kontaveit has named Chris Evert as someone from the tennis fraternity whose tweets are very likable.

The World No. 17 took part in Tennis Channel’s Confessional Cart series, where she answered a series of fun questions that carried one, two and three points.

The first question she picked was ‘Favourite account in the tennis Twitter universe’. Kontaveit took Evert’s name, saying:

“I really like Chrisy Evert’s tweets”

Kontaveit named Ons Jabeur when asked about the most talkative player on tour. As for the last player she’d like to take a road trip with, she named the Tunisian again, elaborating:

“Ons again. She talks a lot. I don’t talk that much. So it’s good balance.”

On if she overthinks any part of her game, Kontaveit replied in the negative, saying:

“Think I’m pretty good at it, keeping it chill. I’d say no.”

The 26-year-old named Petra Kvitova as the kindest player on tour but added that there are a few more. She said:

“There’s a few very kind people. I kind of remember Petra Kvitova first, but there’s definitely a few more.”

She didn’t reveal her most embarrassing locker room moment, though, saying:

“I don’t know. I’m not going to get that.”

When asked about the reality show she would like to appear in, Kontaveit replied:

“I can’t see myself in Love Island or something, but I have watched it. I love Love Island. I love Molly Mae from a couple of seasons ago. That was the season I watched and followed from the beginning. I’m not sure it’s something to be proud of (laughs).”


The session ended with the question: “Smell or taste that makes you gag”. Kontaveit replied:

“I just hate egg plant. I just hate it.”

The former World No. 2 accrued 16 points, the same as Ons Jabeur.

Anett Kontaveit’s 2022 season

Anett Kontaveit in action at the 2022 US Open.Serena Williams.

The World No. 17 lost in the Tallinn final to Barbora Krejickova before an opening-round exit in Ostrava turned out to be the final match of her season. She registered a 29-16 win-loss record for the year.

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