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Greece Local Must-Try Dishes

Greece is the perfect holiday destination for many reasons – the gorgeous ancient sites, spicy Mediterranean culture, lovely people, and, of course, their rich gastronomy! In addition, Greek food is favored and well-known all around the world, and its intricate recipes rank high among food critics. So, if you are looking for the best Greece tour packages, check out which foods you should try!


An absolute favorite for those who love snacking and trying out new flavors, Taramasalata is a top-notch Greek dish, very easy to make, yet essential before dinner!

Made of whipped or blended roe fish, it comes perfectly with any kind of breadstick or crackers. Order it with a glass of a traditional Ouzu cocktail, and you have yourself a party!

Taramasalata is served at mostly any Greek restaurant, whether it be a small local diner or a 5-star Michelin restaurant. Its texture is soft and melty, and the roe is seasoned to the perfect milky aftertaste. Definitely try it out and maybe ask for a recipe to bring back home! The Greeks say that even those who do not typically enjoy fish will find it delicious and satisfying.




Another jewel in this cuisine, Moussaka, is an outstanding traditional Greek dish made from sauteed aubergine, minced lamb, pureed tomato, onion, garlic, and several accompanying spices. Perfect for a late dinner, Moussaka is fan-favorite!

Some people refer to it as the Greek lasagna, which is quite understandable since it has some similar traits, like the bechamel sauce on top or the cheese! However, in Greece, they tend to add cinnamon, and all-spice, so it leaves a very distinct taste on your tongue.

Once again, Moussaka can be found at any traditional Greek restaurant, so we suggest dedicating at least one night to going out and enjoying the very best of this kitchen.

Funnily enough, there are plenty of rumors that Moussaka was not invented in Greece. Now, there is no objective supporting evidence of it since it is considered the original national dish, but you might just be trying a combination of several cultures!




Naturally, a country as known for its Mediterranean ways as Greece cannot forgo seafood. And we are not talking of your typical mussels or salmon! Octopus is actually very popular in this region, and if you are up for the challenge, we urge you to try it out!

This particular fish is neither cooked nor blended or prepared in any other way than its original form. Instead, it is usually hung to dry out and flavored with some spices. Octopus is regarded mainly as an appetizer, not the main dish, but if you enjoy it well enough, you can order a bigger portion!

It goes great with a beer or any other refreshing drink, and you can be assured that it is of the best quality. There is also a version of it where it is marinated in wine and thus becomes a bit more filling, so can be regarded as the main meal. Whichever you prefer, stand up for a challenge, and try it out!



Feta Cheese

You probably know Feta well enough from the famous Greek salad, and while they do tend to add a lot of it to many meals, Feta can be served on its own and stands for the perfect appetizer.

Kind of like the Parmesano cheese in Italy, Feta in Greece is a loved and protected product that can be eaten as a snack. Of course, you can eat it with breadsticks, bread, or any sort of cold meal, but if you are walking by a local food cart and get a bit hungry, they will undoubtedly just serve you a piece of unaffected Feta, with maybe only a drizzle of olive oil!

That being said, it will probably be a bit harder to get Feta at a top-star restaurant since they are all about intricate food! So, we suggest sticking to smaller shops or street food carts for this delicacy!

Feta Cheese:

Feta Cheese

Honey and Baklava

Of course, the Greeks are well-versed in dessert art. While it is not their main priority when cooking, they make some delicious sweets that are perfect for you to try out!

Most of the desserts are based on olive oil and honey, so Honey and Baklava fit right in. It is usually made from honey, filo, and ground nuts, but Greece’s gastronomy is also well-known for its huge amount of toppings and spices. As a result, you will find plenty of different options for Honey and Baklava, many with sugary syrup or Greek yogurt!

Do some research for the best restaurants in whichever Greek area you are staying at, and be ready to try out some delicacies! The key to enjoying all of it is simple open-mindedness and the right attitude. Even if something is not to your taste, at least you are getting the experience. So, have fun and good luck!

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