fbpx Best Season to Visit Scandinavia

Best Season to Visit Scandinavia

Scandinavia has many exciting and adventurous places and activities for tourists. However getting the most out of your travel experience largely depends on what time of the season you are visiting. To be honest, there is no best time to visit the Scadinavian countries. It depends on what you want to see, do and experience on your visit.

Regardless, we believe summer is a great time to embark on a Scandinavian trip except winter sports are high on your agenda. Aside from the variety of activities like hiking, kayaking and cycling this season affords you, days in summer seem longer, giving you the opportunity to explore more places and activities. In addition, hotel prices are relatively cheaper around this same time too.

Furthermore, so many tourist attractions centres are open and in full swing around this time.  Scandinavia in summer is a fairy tale of rolling filed, colourful cities and quaint villages. In Norway, you get to visit the city of Bergen which prides in its beautiful wharfs, charming neighbourhood and deep fjords. Revel yourself in the unparalleled beauty of the city. If you are intesreted in the country’s history, you should visit the various museums like the KODE Museum. Bergen Open Air Museum and Hanseatic Museum there too. Summers in the city remain cool and cloudy,while winters tend to be very cold, windy and overcast.

Do not leave Norway without sailing the Fjords. The fjords are one of the sights synonymous with Norway. There are about 1,200 fjords in the country, and you should see at least one before leaving the area. The most popular fjord is the beautiful Geirangerfjord, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is nine miles long and almost a mile long. While sailing this beauty, you can have an incredible view of the hiking trails and waterfalls around it.

Best Season to Visit Scandinavia
Image by Enrique from Pixabay

A lot of fun and amusements await you in Oslo. Visit the Fram Museum which tells the history of Norwegian Polar Exploration. Pay a visit to the Vigeland Park too and admire its scenic view which is at its best in summer.

You can head straight to Sweden afterwards to see what the country has in stock for you. Start by touring the colourful ancient town of Gamla Stan in Stockolm. There is the Nobel Museum and Royal Coin Cabinet around there too. From there, head to the most popular museum in Sweden, the Vasa Museum. Be sure to visit the scenic Drottinholm Palace too. The palace has been the official residence of the Swedish Royal family since the 17th Century. Visby, Liseberg Theme Park, the Oresund Bridge, and Uppsala Cathedral are places you would love to see too. Do not worry, Sweden has an excellent transport system, so you will get Sweden trains commute through each of these locations.

A visit to Scandinavia without a tour of the castles is incomplete. Head to Denmark to tick this off your bucket list. All the Scandinavian countries are besotted with historical and modern-day castles. However, Denmark stands out as the world’s oldest continuous monarchy. Many of the castles the royal families lived in are now open for tourism. Amalienborg is considered the top castle in Denmark, but you should also visit Christian VII and Christian VIII’s palaces.

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Another fun thing to do in Denmark is to visit the Royal Gardens. Danish architecture during the Baroque period was strongly influenced by the French, which shows in their elaborate gardens. These gardens are famed for their beautiful flowers that blossoms also in summer. It will make you appreciate the beauty of nature.

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is another top attraction in Scandinavia you should not sleep on. This attraction is a series of naturally-heated thermal pools that are amazing to see and feel. The warm waters of the lagoon are rich in sulfur and silica, with some attributing healing properties to the waters. The Blue Lagoon is always open from morning to evening, so you can spend an entire day relaxing from the stress of your daily life.

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Complete your Scandinavian tour by visiting the Koli National Park in Finland. The top activity in the area is hiking the stunning and diverse hike trails that wind around the park. When you return from your hike, you can relax at the park’s spa, Koli Relax Spa. You can also visit historic and monumental places like the Suomenlinna fortress, one of the world’s largest sea fortresses and an active submarine base during World War II, the Helsinki churches. Lake Saimaa ans Savonlinna and the Lemmenjoki National Park.

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Koli National Park

These might look like a lot of places to visit in Scandivania, but there are even more tourist attractions. Taking advantage of the seemingly longer days in summer will help you cover many of them, if not all. Not better way to make the most out of your scandinavian tour, if you ask us.

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