fbpx The Dos and Don'ts of Personal Injury Claims and Settlements

The Dos and Don’ts of Personal Injury Claims and Settlements

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Do Hire an Attorney

Knowing the right steps to take can be the difference between an unsuccessful claim and a generous settlement. To maximize success, it is important to understand these steps before filing a claim.

One of the most important steps you should take when filing a personal injury claim is seeking legal representation. While you may have a good idea of what exactly happened leading up to the injury, you need an experienced attorney who will stand up for your rights – even if it requires going to court. An attorney at Carpenter & Zuckerman not only has knowledge of the law but also has access to resources that can be used in order to prove your case and ultimately get results.

Don’t Delay Speaking With an Attorney

Once you have been injured, do not put off speaking with a qualified personal injury lawyer even if you think the amount of damages is small or if the other party seems willing to negotiate directly with you. Insurers often use this opportunity as well as “delay tactics” such as failing to return calls or failing to process paperwork quickly, in order to maximize their profits while minimizing your compensation award.

Do Follow the Proper Procedure

Personal injury claims require following certain procedures which must be completed correctly for the best chance at success. Make sure all forms are filled out completely and accurately including providing contact details for witnesses related to the incident, medical records from treating physicians, any paperwork acquired from the insurance company(ies), etc.

It is equally important that all forms are filed punctually; deadlines vary by state so be aware of when they need to be completed by following proper timelines prescribed by laws governing personal injury cases.

Don’t Exaggerate Your Claim

When presenting evidence for a personal injury case, it is important not to exaggerate any physical pain/injury, as well as economic losses, suffered due to accident/incident resulting in injuries sustained – doing so can potentially damage the credibility of your claim, therefore, putting settlement at risk since insurance companies will often investigate further into such matters by interviewing parties involved and conducting independent investigations which might lead them to believe that claims being made against them are invalid.

The Bottom Line

Overall, understanding these dos and don’ts will help maximize the potential success of your claim; hiring an experienced attorney will give peace of mind throughout the entire litigation process – especially since the legal team assigned by the lawyer specializes specifically in personal injury cases – thus optimizing chances winning landmark decision favorable for plaintiff (you). Taking all these facts into consideration along with avoiding the pitfalls mentioned above would surely increase prospects of obtaining favorable outcomes when settling cases either through negotiations or litigating matter court system itself.

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