fbpx Interesting facts about the United Kingdom

Interesting facts about the United Kingdom

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Here are 5 interesting facts about the United Kingdom:

  • The UK is made up of four countries. England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland form the United Kingdom. Each country has its own distinct culture and history.Image of Map of the United Kingdom Opens in a new window www.worldatlas.com

  • London is home to the world’s oldest underground railway system. The London Underground, also known as ‘the Tube’, opened in 1863. It’s one of the busiest metro systems in the world.

  • The UK is an island nation. With a long and varied coastline, the UK has always had a strong maritime tradition.

  • The Queen is the UK’s Head of State. Queen Elizabeth II was the longest-reigning British monarch. Her son, King Charles III, is the current head of state. While the role is largely ceremonial, the monarch plays a symbolic figurehead role.

  • Big Ben isn’t the clock. Big Ben is the name of the bell inside the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster. The tower is officially known as the Elizabeth Tower.

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