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ART evolves as the artist makes his or her journey through life. Similarly, self-taught acrylics and marker pen artist Elaine Wong’s own inner change inspired her to artistically interpret the lessons she has learnt, which she hopes serves as a catalyst for others to undergo their own inner transformation and healing.

“I believe that my art follows my personal growth journey. As I explore and face life, the stories or experiences which I confront and collect along the way become the basis for my art to evolve, including art techniques, style, mediums, and subjects,” explained Wong.

Instead of looking outward, Wong looks within herself for guidance.

By observing her own life, she gets inspired by insights from her meditation, shifting paradigms, personal growth, hopes and dreams, which she wants to manifest in life.

“As an artist, I always strive to create moving pieces that speak to the heart. The messages found in my artwork are about healing, transformation, and nudges to achieve visions and dreams, and a little joy in life,” she said.

“I aim to connect my viewers to a world of empowered transformation, from an uninspired standpoint to a world of inner light and truth, and manifest (their vision).”

Strikingly beautiful and eye-catching with circles, twirls and vibrant colours, it’s a labour of love for Wong, who creates harmonious masterpieces by integrating and balancing colours, which she believes have different vibes, rhythm and energy.

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Life is an inspiration

One of Wong’s works on healing is Resilience, painted while recovering from a leg injury after falling from a trampoline at an extreme park on Valentine’s Day in 2019.

“I painted this work to make sense of my healing journey, and I felt a surge of wisdom when it was completed. It is as if my ‘higher’ self was conveying that everything happened for a reason beyond what my limited mind could perceive,” she said.

“I have learned to build my resiliency through the process of making art, and I will never stop to create one, even if the world conspires to stop me in my tracks or put me in a wheelchair.”

Expressing the mind

“During my process of creating an artwork, I let the intention guide my intuition to show what images, symbols, colours, or subjects I should draw on the canvas,” Wong said, referring to her “intentionally intuitive” artwork.

“For instance, the picture of a cat sleeping under the sun sparked from my intention to paint a piece about surrendering.”

In fact, Wong’s silhouette of a black cat, which symbolises the shadow side of her psyche, has appeared in almost all of her artwork over many years.

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“Through my paintings, I strive to face my personal shadows, bringing light to the dark. I believe that one way to achieve wellbeing, healing and personal freedom is to be aware of our shadow archetypes”.

Fascinated by the mystical charm, metaphorical symbolism and alluring femininity of the black cat in various cultures and beliefs, the cat has become “a signature and nuanced vehicle” in her artistic expression.

Lately, she feels an internal nudge to shift to something more; perhaps, it’s a mark of transition.

Metamorphosis of an artist

This is not the first transition in her life. In 2015, Wong, then a software consultant for a firm in Germany, quit her job to follow her passion for the arts, and held a solo exhibition titled The Cats Are Out in Munich, Germany.

Her most recent exhibition in Kuala Lumpur was a joint project with Nadia Nizamudin titled Liberty – An Exhibition of Expression, including an e-catalogue containing 13 of her paintings.

As the exhibition’s title implies, the focus was on the concept of freedom, which Wong has wholeheartedly embraced.

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“It was more about answering a calling that I could not deny anymore which had been brewing inside me for many years,” Wong said.

“Deep down, I know I am an artist at heart … breaking free from the rat race was hard, but I am glad I eventually did it, courageously.”

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