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Always take apple cider vinegar with this to make weight loss effective diet experts claim

Mother is rich in protein and forms acetic acid, which is thought by experts to be the main compound in vinegar behind it lauded weight loss benefits.

Dietician Sarah Flower told The Sun: “The Mother (the unfiltered, organic vinegar), has known health benefits not found in other vinegars.

“It is most popular for aiding weight loss but has also been shown to help lower blood sugars, cholesterol and fight infections.

“It can be taken orally as well as externally on skin for conditions such as acne, fungal infections and even warts. It can also preserve foods and has been shown to prevent bacteria from growing in food.”

She went on: “I recommend taking one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed into a full glass of water,” She continued.

“You should sip this mixture throughout the first half of your meal.”

One British celebrity who has lost weight in recent times is an EastEnders star.

How did Natalie Cassidy lose weight and slim from a size 14 to a four or a six? 

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