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'Disgraceful!' Nigel Farage launches scathing attack on Boris Johnson over coronavirus

Nigel Farage took aim at Boris Johnson and his Government for their failures to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Mr Farage posted on his Twitter on Tuesday morning: “Disgraceful scenes on the London underground this morning. We will only obey a Government we respect.”

This criticism comes after Boris Johnson instructed all UK residents to stay in their homes for at least three weeks.

On Monday evening Mr Johnson said everyone across the country must not leave their homes except for food, medical reasons and essential work.

Mr Farage has since warned that these lockdown measures are too late in the fight against coronavirus and insisted the Government was not doing good enough.

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Mr Farage tweeted: “So we are able to be locked down – and a new testing regime will begin.

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“Will the planes keep coming from Milan, Tehran and Beijing? I expect so, It’s all too late.”

In a later tweet, Mr Farage added: “We are being asked to give up our freedom by a Government who still have no testing regime.

“South Korea showed the way on this, but we are behind every other country, not good enough.”

While on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday Mr Farage said: “I’m sure most people watching this programme now wouldn’t even know where to go to get tested, even if it was available.

“The science from all over the world is saying test, test, test and that is what the World Health Organisation has said as well.

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