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Holidays 2020: Are France, Turkey & Greece at risk of travel ban? How to protect yourself

“The relevant date varies according to the insurer, but March 12 is a good rule of thumb is that’s the date the WHO declared coronavirus as a pandemic, and it became a ‘known event.’”

Nolan warned against booking holidays without the right travel insurance in place.

He explained: “If you are looking for new cover, study the fine print, and again, consider speaking to a representative on the phone or by email to be sure of what you’re covered for.

“If you don’t have cover in place you should ensure you do before booking any future trips, also taking extra care to be sure that the policy covers you for travel to your desired destination.”

The expert continued: “It’s also advisable to check any consular and repatriation agreements between your home country and the country you want to visit.

“In some cases, countries might not have official measures in place to ensure you can return quickly from your place of travel if there is an emergency.”

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