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‘Stand up to China!’ UK should snub Beijing Winter Olympics, says damning new report

The report was compiled by MPs on the Foreign Affairs Committee and focuses mainly on China’s treatment of its Uyghur Muslim population in the country’s Xinjiang province. Human rights campaigners allege rape and forced sterilisations are being used as part of a campaign to control the population in north-west internment camps The US has even gone as far as to describe China’s actions against its Muslim population as a “genocide”.

The report’s authors argued that the Cabinet should impose fines on any UK company knowingly doing business with Chinese companies connected to human rights abuses.

They also urged Downing Street to actively dissuade British firms from sponsoring the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, as well as from advertising at the Games.

Tom Tugendhat, Conservative chair of the Committee, told Politico taking no action is not an option.

“If we choose not to, we’re nesting the dragon deeper and deeper into our national life,” he said.

The Tory MP added that the British public expected its political leaders to stand up for the “defence of the rule of law” and “fair competition in trade.”

China has become one of Britain’s most important trading partners in recent years.

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Conservative MP Alicia Kearns said the Government should target cotton because there is “absolute clarity” that it is produced through forced Uyghur labour.

A Foreign Office spokesperson said the Cabinet will “carefully consider the findings of this report.”

They added that Britain has already “announced measures to help ensure no U.K. organisations are complicit in these violations through their supply chains.”

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Sean Bean's outrage over Daniel Craig snub by James Bond fans: 'It's pathetic'

The 62-year-old stunned viewers with his commanding role in the new BBC One drama Time, with critics hailing the three-part show as a five-star winner. The proud Yorkshireman stars opposite acclaimed actor Stephen Graham, who described Time as a “difficult to watch” masterpiece created by Jimmy McGovern. Bean remains one of the nation’s most loved actors, and has been adored by generations of viewers – thanks to his performances in films such as The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, and TV hits Game of Thrones and Sharpe.

But one of his standout performances came in the 1995 James Bond classic GoldenEye, which saw him play villain Alec Trevelyan.

Trevelyan is initially a 00 agent, and Bond’s close friend, until he fakes his own death and establishes the Janus crime syndicate before his untimely demise at the hands of Pierce Brosnan’s 007.

Bean himself was reportedly close to being considered to become Bond himself in 1987, before the role ultimately went to Welshman Timothy Dalton, who starred in The Living Daylights and License to Kill before Brosnan took over.

Producers were so impressed with the Sheffield-born legend, however, he was given the role of Bond’s nemesis.

Having worked on Bond itself, Bean is routinely asked questions about the franchise and how it has maintained its appeal after more than 20 films.

But one issue that irked Bean was the criticism that was aimed towards Brosnan’s successor Daniel Craig.

When Craig was announced as the new Bond in 2005, critics were furious that a blond-haired man had been given the role, with the secret agent known for his trademark jet black hair.

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Websites such as blondnotbond.com and danielcraigisnotbond.com were set up to attack the producers’ decision, with even national newspapers describing the choice as “bland”.

Bean however told Digital Spy in 2012: “I think Craig is brilliant as Bond. I remember in the beginning they were all saying, ‘He won’t work’, and I thought you, ‘You watch’ – and he did because he’s a good actor.”

Bean was then asked about the backlash Craig received prior to the role, and he replied: “I think it’s pathetic. You don’t even know what he’s like.

“I’d worked with him, so I know what he’s like and I know he’s good, so I was particularly pleased when he got [the role].”

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Craig himself spoke about the impact it had on him, and he told GQ in 2020: “I remember saying to my mum, ‘Can I play James Bond?’

“And she was like, ‘Of course you can. But I am your mother.’”

Reflecting on the new show Time, Graham told RadioTimes.com how he “loved the fact that stuff I do is difficult to watch for people”.

Comparing the new show with period drama Bridgerton, Graham continued: “That’s not difficult to watch.

“So why is this difficult to watch? I think this is difficult to watch because it’s coming into your living room.

“As Jimmy said, ‘we need to look at the penal system…’

“[The series is] putting a mirror to society and going, ‘Not sure if we’re getting this right.’ So maybe that’s why it’s difficult to watch, because it makes you think.”

Time is available on BBC iPlayer, with episodes on BBC One on Sunday nights from 9pm.

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Bradley Walsh’s wife Donna oozes glamour at BAFTAs as he brands award snub ‘a joke’

On being a part of the show for eight years, she added: “I’m very lucky, ridiculously lucky.

“I keep on going, ‘Wait, are you sure you want me to come back? Tess, am I allowed to stand next to you?’

“No, I love it,” she continued, adding she was “very grateful” to still be there.

Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC One later this year. 

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George Clooney forced to snub Prince Harry outing leaving Duke to make private trip

George and Amal Clooney arrive for Royal Wedding ceremony

The film star today turns 60 today, and for many he still embodies the coolness, swagger and beauty that he has exuded throughout his long career on screen. Throughout his life Clooney – who made his TV debut in 1978 as an extra on miniseries Centennial – has developed a huge number of celebrity friendships, including with the likes of Hollywood royalty Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Nicole Kidman. But his relationship with a different kind of royalty saw him thrust once again into the spotlight, after he attended Harry and Meghan’s wedding.
Alongside his wife Amal, the pair witnessed the Queen’s grandson marry Meghan, who herself enjoyed a career in acting, at a spectacular ceremony in St George’s Chapel, Windsor, three years ago.

Although there had been a suggestion that George and Amal “didn’t know” the newlyweds well, the two couples’ closeness has been demonstrated on a number of occasions in the years since they tied the knot.

According to pro-Sussex biography Finding Freedom, one of these episodes meant Harry had to take a private outing on one of George’s motorbikes without the star as the Oscar-winner was suffering from a previous accident.

The book claims that the couples met up at the Clooneys’ idyllic Italian villa in Lake Como, just months after the royal wedding.

George Clooney forced to snub Prince Harry outing leaving Duke to make private trip

George Clooney forced to snub Prince Harry outing leaving Duke to make private trip (Image: GETTY)

George Clooney turns 60 years old today

George Clooney turns 60 years old today (Image: GETTY)

Among the other guests to visit the home, which some say is worth an eye-watering £100million, included Harry’s cousin Princess Eugenie.

According to a source, George had arranged for Harry and Meghan to fly out from London to Italy in his private jet, where they were then picked up by an unmarked car and driven away from Milan’s airport.

Prior to the visit in August 2018, George was still recovering from a motorbike accident in Sardinia, which left the star hospitalised.

Reports at the time suggested George’s condition, sustained while he was filming TV series Catch-22, was not life-threatening, and he would later return back to the Lake Como villa.

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George Clooney and Alma were guests at the royal wedding

George Clooney and Alma were guests at the royal wedding (Image: GETTY)

Harry and George share a love of motorbikes and, while Meghan and Amal “spent a lot of time relaxing by the pool”, the Duke “checked out” the Hollywood star’s motorbike collection.

They added: “Harry took one of them out with one of his protection officers.

“George recently had an accident, so he wasn’t back on his bike yet.’

“The Duke and Duchess weren’t the only guests that weekend.

“Eugenie and her fiance, Jack Brooksbank, were already at the villa when Harry and Meghan arrived, their visits overlapping briefly.”

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George Clooney and Alma are now close with the Sussexes

George Clooney and Alma are now close with the Sussexes (Image: GETTY)

And although they appeared to have forged a strong bond, a journalist claimed that prior to the royal wedding in 2018, the Clooneys admitted they weren’t that close with the Sussexes.

Among the guests at the wedding included other celebrities such as Sir Elton John, David and Victoria Beckham, Idris Elba, Oprah Winfrey and Meghan’s castmates from the US show Suits.

In the ceremony, George and Amal were given a “prime pew” to watch the service, and sat next to Lady Carolyn Warren, whose husband John is the Queen’s bloodstock adviser.

But journalist Rachel Johnson detailed a story “doing the rounds” regarding the couples’ relationship.

Royal weddings across the generations

Royal weddings across the generations (Image: EXPRESS)

Ms Johnson claimed that Carolyn Bartholomew – a lady who shared a London flat with Harry’s mother Princess Diana – had been “waiting for the wedding service to start” and struck up a conversation with the Clooneys.

Carolyn, who is also Harry’s godmother, asked them “how they knew Harry or Meghan”.

The journalist added: “‘We don’t’, the Clooneys answered brightly.”

But the Clooneys were invited, along with 200 guests, to the evening reception, which took place at Frogmore House.

Reports from the time suggest George was the last man on the dancefloor at the celebration and danced with both Harry’s wife and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

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Twiggy 'ignored' before 'staggeringly rude' snub by 'fantastic snob' Princess Margaret

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed

Brilliantly British: Twiggy discusses Express campaign

The British model rose to fame in the Sixties and became a cultural icon due to her untraditional appearance. Twiggy, whose real name is Lesley Lawson, was given the nickname due to her slight build and androgynous look. The 71-year-old, who appears in Alan Titchmarsh: Spring Into Summer tonight, remains an internationally-known figure. 

After Twiggy’s modelling career flourished, she went onto become a star of film, the stage and TV.

During that time she brushed shoulders with countless celebrities including Joanna Lumley, Elaine Paige and Christopher Biggins. 

One encounter she would wish to forget was a coarse interaction with the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret

The royal, who died from a stroke in 2002, was renowned for her cutting comments and less traditional lifestyle.


Twiggy experienced a brutal clash with Princess Margaret in 1966 (Image: GETTY)


Twiggy was met by a ‘staggeringly rude’ comment from Princess Margaret in 1966 (Image: GETTY)

While some disapproved of the way Margaret acted, royal commentator Jennie Bond argued she helped future members of the Firm.

In the documentary Princess Margaret: Rebel Without A Crown last year, she described her as “fantastically grand” and “fantastically snobbish”.

While the journalist pointed out that she “did tarnish the reputation of the Royal Family”, she felt there was “another side too”.

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Twiggy became an international hit because of her slim frame and androgynous look (Image: GETTY)

Ms Bond said: “She cleared the way for younger members of the Royal Family to get out of unhappy marriages.”

Margaret wasn’t without her troubles – including being a heavy smoker, several alleged extramarital affairs and clashes with the family.

Ms Bond claimed the royal’s “lifestyle, her broken marriage” and “bringing divorce into the fold” caused trouble for the monarchy.

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Twiggy news: Queen Elizabeth II’s sister Princess Margaret died from a stroke in 2002 (Image: GETTY)

One of the main problems identified by the royal expert was that Margaret “would say exactly what she thought”.

Her brutal honesty – which often came across in an insulting manner – was unleashed upon Twiggy around 1966.

It happened six months after the then-17-year-old model had become an international star.

That same year, the Daily Express crowned Twiggy “The Face of 1996”.


Twiggy, real name Lesley Lawson, was made a dame in 2019 (Image: GETTY)

The teenager was at a dinner party for Vogue magazine when she found herself sat next to Princess Margaret. 

Twiggy was beside the royal “for about two hours” before she finally turned around to talk to her.

At the time, protocol meant the future fashion icon was unable to speak to the Queen’s sister unless addressed by the royal first.

Last year, Twiggy recounted the memory to the Daily Express: “Princess Margaret asked, ‘What’s your name?’”

Twiggy receives Damehood from Prince Charles at palace

The model’s recollection countered claims from Ms Bond that the royal flatly stated: “Who are you?”

In response, Twiggy said: “My name’s Lesley Hornby, Ma’am, but everyone calls me ‘Twiggy.’”

She claimed Margaret “just looked at” her after the comment before putting her down with a blunt remark. 

The royal allegedly said: “Oh, how unfortunate.”


Twiggy waiting to meet Prince Charles, who she branded ‘always so charming’ (Image: GETTY)

Twiggy claimed Margaret “didn’t talk to me again” after that brief but cutting conversation.

The fashionista admitted she “was mortified” by the response.

While Twiggy had a difficult experience with Margaret, she had nothing but praise for another member of the Royal Family.

She described Prince Charles as “always so charming” after meeting the future King a few times, including when she was made a Dame in 2019.


Twiggy seemed to get on a little easier with the Queen than her sister Princess Margaret (Image: GETTY)

Twiggy was awarded the honour for her services to the arts, charity and fashion.

During the ceremony, she swelled with pride after Charles told her “it’s about time too”.

Twiggy features on Alan Titchmarsh: Spring Into Summer, which airs at 8pm tonight on ITV.

Princess Margaret: Rebel Without A Crown is available to watch on My5.

Naga Munchetty: BBC host hits back at co-star as she takes awkward snub to heart ‘Enough!’

Naga then interrupted Nihal by reminding him that he would have room for two more guests at the pub, due to the government’s rule of six.

She interjected: “That’s four, that’s four, you’ve got room for two more.”

“Yeah, come on, well, you – definitely,” Nihal quickly added.

However, Naga was less than impressed with being added into Nihal’s plans at the last minute.


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Ronaldo left Serie A rival “blushed, ashamed and small” after embarrassing snub

Cristiano Ronaldo’s brutal rejection of a shirt swap had a lasting impact on the Atalanta defender Robin Gosens, according to the German international.

Gosens, who has five caps for his country, has impressed on the left side of the Italian side’s defence in the past couple of seasons, as the Bergamo outfit have progressed to the quarter-finals of the Champions League in 2019/20 and then the last-16 this season.

But while his standing in the game has risen, it seemingly still isn’t enough to impress Ronaldo, whose rejection has been documented in Gosens’ new biography, ‘Dreams are worthwhile.’

“After the game against Juventus[1], I tried to fulfil my dream of having Ronaldo jersey,” sats Gosens in an extract from the book, via Goal.com[2].

“After the final whistle I went to him, having not even gone public to celebrate … but Ronaldo did not accept.

Ronaldo's snub left Gosens upset
Ronaldo’s snub left Gosens upset

“I asked: ‘Cristiano, can I have your shirt?’ He didn’t even look at me, he just said: ‘No!'”

“I was completely blushed and ashamed.

“I went away and felt small.

“You know that moment when something embarrassing happens and you look around to see if anyone noticed it? That’s what I felt and tried to hide it.”

Gosens is believed to be referring to a match in January 2019 when Atalanta beat Juventus 3-0 in Bergamo, while they have also drawn with them on their last two visits to Turin.

The German could end up getting the ultimate revenge on Ronaldo at the end of this season, with third-place Atalanta currently one place and two points ahead of Juve in the Serie A table.


  1. ^ Juventus (www.mirror.co.uk)
  2. ^ Goal.com (www.goal.com)

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Steven Gerrard sends message to Trent Alexander-Arnold after England snub

Steven Gerrard insists he will “always be there” for Trent Alexander-Arnold after the Liverpool[1] star was left out of the latest England squad.

The Reds have struggled for form over the past few months and their right-back has experienced similar difficulties.

Alexander-Arnold has enjoyed a rapid rise but has been unable to translate his club form onto the international stage.

Gareth Southgate has accepted part of the blame for the 22-year-old’s failure to light it up with the Three Lions.

Gerrard though has disagreed with his decision to leave Alexander-Arnold and claimed he needed support – not to be dropped.

Trent Alexander-Arnold was snubbed by Gareth Southgate

“One thing’s for sure, I’ll always be there for Trent,” said the Rangers boss.

“It goes without saying, any second of the day. I wouldn’t make the first move. He’s a man himself. He knows where he’s at. Gareth Southgate makes the decisions there.

“I don’t necessarily agree with that decision. But I’m not the England manager. I think Trent is the best English right back in the country.

“One thing I’ve learned from being a player is you can’t always be 10 out of 10.

The right-back has struggled for form at Liverpool
The right-back has struggled for form at Liverpool

“When you do come off, you need that support, love and attention from your manager more than anyone else.

“So, I was surprised by the decision but that’s my opinion and my opinion is not important in this.

“Trent is a world-class right back, he’s the best right back the country has got. We’ve got other fantastic right backs by the way.

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“But in terms of the loaded side of the question, I’m there for Trent and any of the other Liverpool players at any moment of the day.”

Southgate is spoilt for options at right-back and chose to select Reece James, Kieran Trippier and Kyle Walker.


  1. ^ Liverpool (www.mirror.co.uk)
  2. ^ click this link (www.mirror.co.uk)

[email protected] (Samuel Meade)

Carol Vorderman vows to 'mud wrestle' with Susanna Reid amid Gogglebox snub 'Bone to pick'

The mathematician was joined on BBC Radio Wales alongside her co-host Owain Wyn Evans and guest Judge Rinder.

Carol explained that she took issue with her pal – who she jokinlg refers to as her fiancé – after he chose Susanna to take part in the Channel 4 show.

It comes as the mum-of-two revealed she called the GMB presenter as soon as she was made aware of Susanna’s debut on Celebrity Gogglebox.

Carol mused: “Will you stay on the line… I’ve got a bone to pick with you fiancé about Gogglebox.

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“Given the fact that I’ve given you my heart and given you my soul… WHY, last year did you ask Susanna [Reid] to do Gogglebox with you and not me?”

Judge Rinder replied: “I think that’s how it works on TV. You know television people, they sort of phone you up and give you a range of options of who you want to put in your house.”

He went on to explain that the show producers had suggested Susanna and he took them up on their offer.

Judge Rinder added that he and Carol would be a “disaster” together on-screen.

Carol remarked: “Anyway, my dear, darling fiancé… I rang Susanna [Reid] as soon as the trailer run.

“I said, ‘What’s this with you and Rob?’ And she said, ‘Oh, well I’ve been asked.'”

She continued: “So I told her, ‘Mud wrestling as soon as lockdown is over. I’m going to mud wrestle you Susanna [Reid] for Rob’s hand.’

Carol added: “We’ll be mud wrestling over you.”

Judge Rinder initially warned the BBC Wales host against the idea but suggested he would have to referee the match.

Carol went on: “I’ll provide the paddling pool and it’s going to happen in your back garden this year Rob. I’ve already told Susanna.

“She’s not as for it as I am, obviously.”

The cheeky back and forth comes after Judge Rinder and Susanna, who have been friends for more than six years, appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox.

Carol, who is also friends with Susanna, is the longtime pal of Judge Rinder also.

Ronnie O’Sullivan handed GOAT snub as rival John Higgins named snooker’s all-time best

Six-time world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan has been overlooked in favour of John Higgins for the title of snooker’s greatest ever player, according to a new study. ‘The Rocket’ is widely regarded as one of the finest competitors to have graced the Crucible, but was beaten to the all-time crown by Higgins, who won the most recent meeting between the pair last month.
The 45-year-old registered an impressive 10-3 victory to seal the Players Championship title and condemn O’Sullivan to his fourth successive loss in a final.

Higgins has now claimed another triumph over his old rival after he was named the greatest player of all time as part of a study by the University of Limerick.

The project, led by Joseph D O’Brien, examined close to 48,000 results between 1968 and 2020 before concluding that Higgins stands head and shoulders above the rest.

A complex algorithm weighted results based on the individual quality of opponents and the head-to-head records of leading players.

Higgins was named at the top of the all-time list ahead of O’Sullivan in second place, with Mark Williams and Stephen Hendry occupying third and fourth respectively.

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However, although the ‘Wizard of Wishaw’ was happy to gain the recognition, he claimed that O’Sullivan would be his own pick.

“I’m truly flattered,” said Higgins. “But I have to admit I have not won enough of the big titles consistently to be regarded as the greatest of all time.

“If I had to give the accolade to anyone it would have to be my rival for so many years…Ronnie!”

Higgins has claimed four World Championship titles over the course of his professional career, while O’Sullivan boasts six, one short of seven-time winner Hendry.


The latter made his long-awaited comeback earlier this month, putting his retirement on hold to pursue another attempt at silverware.

He took on long-time friend Matthew Selt at the Gibraltar Open but was defeated in an anticlimactic return to the table.

O’Sullivan issued his own verdict on the ‘GOAT’ debate last year, suggesting that Hendry could also be considered as the best to have ever played the game.

“If I’m not the greatest player that’s ever played the game, then there’s probably only one other player who can claim that mantle, and that would be Stephen Hendry,” he told Yahoo.

“For me, it’s about just having fun with the game, winning and losing, take that out of it and I have nothing to prove. My CV’s great.

“I’ve got nothing to prove as a snooker player and for me it’s about just having fun, enjoying the game and enjoying being at the tournaments.

“And enjoying knowing that if I did put my head down and played a full schedule, I probably would be still one of the best players and as dominant as anyone could be dominant in their sport.”