To survive, ‘Doctor Who needs to evolve’

BBC announced Chris Chibnall, executive producer of Doctor Who (pictured in the middle), and Jodie Whittaker, star of Doctor Who (pictured right), have been named as BBC’s new directors.In 2022, you can end the series. The pair would be leaving the series after a trio of specials next year. The perfect time to give Doctor Who the major overhaul it desperately requires seems to be now. This is something I disagree withThe GuardianRecent article stating that the series should be taken off air for awhile, but it’s time for the show and its characters to grow again.

Partly because Doctor Who Under Chibnall is such a waste of time: The showrunner’s prior work, although popular and winning, always made me feel cold. InitialapprehensionThe news about the 11th series’ production was somewhat of a relief. Chibnall deserves credit as he hired the two first writers of color for the series’ nearly.60 yearsHistory. It was clear that the show had a new direction, with many episodes focusing on social history and material.The Woman Who Stood to EarthIt was also a fiery confident debut, and everything seemed to be going well.

Then,YieshThis is a. Although Chibnall’s ideas are brilliant, his execution skills are terrible. Chibnall failed to give the characters real stakes and struggled to develop them. The episodes were also less diverse than the original era, despite their emphasis on variety. I’ve writtenBeforeChibnall is often seen making arguments that are not his own. Except heDesignedWhile it is easy to claim that polite protests are the best, Amazon’s treatment towards its employees is actually a good thing. We can all reap the benefits of colonialism.

The casting of a female in the main role encouraged all the usual angst from corners. Unfortunately, it seems that all the actors have done miracles in trying to make any Chibnall-written material even remotely plausible. Whittaker’s decision to leave before she was able to work with an executive producer is another tragedy in this time. It is my hope this negative criticism does not force the production to choose a safe choice for next Doctor.

Doctor Who is enduring because of both its flexibility and ability to reinvent itself. It would change every few years as its creative team evolved, and it would often become a completely different show. This lack of sentimentality could be argued that the episode’s fifth mission-switch was the first. Since 2005, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer template has been used by the revived series. It’s beginning to get a little tired.

Even though Series 11 had been designed to cut out the show’s complicated backstory, Series 12 made it difficult for even die-hard fans to understand. After all, Chibnall devoted his entire series to validating an episode’s production error in Episode 1976. This made Chibnall the Time Lord equivalent to Jesus and contradicted everything we had learned in the past six decades. It was a shameful piece of fanfiction and not a new direction for mainstream drama.

The media landscape is changing and the competition for viewers has increased beyond belief. It is no longer the only source of conversation, as it used to be here in the UK. The BBC has been overtaken by streaming companies. Netflix, Amazon and Disney, among others, have the resources to provide the kind of creativity that used to make the BBC non-commercial stand out from the rest.

My instinctive reaction is to insist that Doctor Who joins the Marvel streaming show bandwagon. This would be an error, as Who’s best moments are when it moves away from the genre shows that have been pushed into mainstream. The BBC cannot compete financially with mega-franchises. However, its quality writing and unique sensibilities can. However, the one thing series can learn is how to make every episode an event.

It could be that there are occasional specials and the series runs for a much longer time than a movie of the week. Or it could, like the COVID-influenced 2021 season, be a shorter run of tightly-interconnected episodes. Although Chibnall might indeed find the right template to help revive the show, I hope for more.

If Doctor Who isn’t able to succeed as an hour-long, glossy standalone drama, why not return it to a series? The BBC’s I May Destroy You and Netflix’s Russian Doll are two excellent examples of half-hour dramas which offer an alternative to the traditional prestige-drama format. This format was used for Doctor Who’s first 26 episodes. It also offers new, or even better, ways to structure a story.

You may be able to consume more of the content on your streaming service. You can think about this: How many times have your eyes rolled when you were watching The Crown? But you will happily watch four episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It could be written by Michaela Coel, but I will settle for Chris Chibnall.

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