Battlefield 2042 will be ranked at “No Plan” launch

Battlefield 2042’s launch will include the Battlefield Portal game mode. This allows players to build their Battlefield experiences and even create their own eSport environments and settings. The bad news about Battlefield 2042 is that it will not launch with any ranked or eSport modes.

Interview with Battlefield Nation’s senior designer Justin Wiebe (via MP1st): Justin Wiebe, Battlefield 2042’s design director was asked how DICE/EA/Ripple effect would support eSports. He confirmed that there is no plans to launch any ranked or eSport modes.

Wiebe clarifies that this is an issue that Ripple Effect/DICE wants to know more about before deciding what Ripple Effect/DICE will do about ranked modes – and adds, “If that’s something important to the community we’d love to hear about it. And you know, I’ll sort of see what happens afterwards.”

The interview entirely focuses on Battlefield Portal, which will contain a lot of returning fan-favourite maps from across the series and the opportunity to create a lot of mad modes with them. Other than the question on ranked mode (which is around 4:14), there are some interesting bits in the interview. For example, all Portal servers will now be free of charge, although only one server at a given time.

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Below is all we have so far about Battlefield 20,42, as well as the release date. Here are the Specialists EA has announced for now – and what they will do. We’re certainly hoping that Battlefield 2042 can put a Battlefield game back into our list of the best multiplayer games on PC.

Publited Sat 31 July 2021 at 17:27.39 +0000

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