Let Rege-Jean Page soothe you with a Calm Bedtime stories

Having a bit of trouble getting to sleep? Do not worry, Bridgerton’s Duke Of Hastings will tell you a bedtime tale.

Rege-Jean Page adds his name to a star-studded list of celebrities who want to use their mellifluous voices for something good: helping us nod off in the wee small hours. The sleep story will be available on meditation app Calm from today.

Page, also known as Prince and Naturalist, will lead listeners through Olde England in the role of a “naturalist” and his pupil to discover the wisdom and nature. According to Calm statements.

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Insomniacs everywhere will know that Harry Styles contributed his sweet voice to a Calm Sleep Story in 2020. Matthew McConaughey, along with Idris Elba, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, has also been a part of the sleep story world.

Rege Jean stated in a statement that she knows how important relaxation can be for all of us, particularly during trying times.

We can all agree that bedtime is now more appealing than ever.

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