PS4 News: 9.00 console warning, GTA 6 release update,
PlayStation Plus

PS4 News: 9.00 console warning, GTA 6 release update, PlayStation Plus

Gamers have reported problems with the latest PS4 update, with the new firmware patch available to download.

And the bad news is that the issues appear to have continued into the weekend, with some still unable to complete their installation, while others have been left with a console that can’t function properly.

The update weighs in at less than a GB but reportedly includes some major issues that can cause consoles to become unusable.

The first warning sign is that your PS4 console runs more slowly after installation and is followed by problems with being unable to access the PlayStation Store or switch menus without rebooting your gaming device.

PlayStation owners have been discussing the issues online, with one user reporting:

“WARNING! This update just bricked my console? Immediately after restarting after the update, I get the PlayStation logo, and then the blue light on the console pulses for about a minute before the console shuts down.

“Tried doing the 30 seconds unplug followed by rebuilding the database, but it does the same thing.”

This post was followed up with an update that included the news that the affected user could boot the console after re-downloading and installing the update in Safe Mode.

It’s been almost eight years since GTA 5 was first released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2013, and fans are currently in the midst of the longest wait ever for a new numbered entry in the Grand Theft Auto series.

And, according to a notable insider, the wait for the reveal of GTA 6 is going to go on for a few more years.

That’s according to Tom Henderson, a leaker known for his COD and Battlefield leaks, who in a new video online said the reveal of GTA 6 could be happening in 2023.

Henderson made the claims about the GTA 6 reveal as the leaker responded to a viewer asking if the new GTA game could get announced in 2022.

Responding in the latest episode of the Gold Gold podcast, Henderson explained: “I doubt it. I think it’s 2023. It seems like we are going to get GTA 5 [Expanded and Enhanced] this year, then next year we’ll get an announcement for the Trilogy as well as a release for the trilogy.

“Then I’d expect 2023, we’d get the GTA 6 reveal and then like I just said, it wouldn’t surprise me if we get some kind of delay with that as well. 2025 seems like the earliest we will get that released”.

And gamers have made an intriguing argument suggesting that Hell Let Loose will be included in the PS Plus October 2021 lineup, although it won’t be available for those on PS4.

The first is that Hell Let Loose will be released on October 5, 2021, on PS5 consoles. That’s a notable date, as it’s when the new PlayStation Plus games will be launched for gamers to download.

Again, this could be related to something else, but as Sony would be missing out on PlayStation Store sales, it would make sense that they would do this to avoid having to release refunds later on.

The other thing noted by gamers is that Hell Let Loose can be played on PS5 right now as part of an open beta that can’t be found on other console platforms.

Fans will have to wait at least another week before finding out everything planned for PlayStation Plus in October.

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