fbpx How to purchase RC vehicles at lower prices?

How to purchase RC vehicles at lower prices?

Every gaming and car enthusiast is aware of how expensive RC cars are. To make these vehicles last longer, high-quality parts are used while manufacturing them. Also, the components of these vehicles are made as small and durable as possible, which increases their overall price. However, there are several ways users can purchase RC cars at low prices.

fast RC Cars
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If you want to know more about RC cars, here is the information.

What are fast RC Cars?

In gaming, fast RC cars have an unbeatable reputation and popularity. This is because of the fantastic build and speeding capacities of these vehicles. The RC car racing games are extremely thrilling and are like real-life automotive races like Formula 1. It is fascinating how these vehicles can reach speeds from 60 mph to even over 100 mph. With suitable upgrades and innovations, one can hope that even faster ones with the most delicate features will be released.

Why are fast RC cars expensive?

The pricing of the vehicle is dependent on many factors. They are:

  • RC cars and trucks are typically nitro-based and electric-based. Since they use fuels, nitro-based ones are more expensive. Electric cars and trucks are often less costly because they require less maintenance.
  • Although kits are costly, they are a worthwhile purchase for lovers of fast RC cars. The ready-to-run ones are significantly less expensive than the kits. It is because kits come with various objects for the user to customize.
  • A larger vehicle will necessitate more parts than a smaller vehicle. It will need more fuel than the smaller ones. In other words, the price of the vehicle is dependent on its size.

Lastly, racing automobiles are more expensive than regular ones. This is because racing variants require additional parts that are significantly more expensive.

How to purchase them at lower prices?

Although most RC cars are expensive, there are some ways by which people might even purchase them at prices below $200.

  • Get a second-hand or used model

Although it is natural for most people to opt for new models and products, purchasing them can sometimes be very expensive. To cut costs, one can buy second-hand or used models. Also, a second-hand one wouldn’t be a bad idea for somebody using the vehicle for the first time. Used models sometimes come with added customizations. These customizations are an advantage because they enhance the vehicle’s overall performance.

  • Place the order during a holiday season

During seasonal sales, most of the products are sold at depreciated prices. The same logic applies to RC vehicles because they are sold at discounted prices during seasonal sales like Black Friday and Christmas. So it is a good idea for RC vehicle enthusiasts to wait for the seasonal sales before placing an order.

  • Purchase it with brushed electric motors

Brushed motors and brushless motors are mainly the two types of commonly used motors for RC vehicles. Brushed motors have the wires wrapped around the armature, whereas brushless motors have the cables wrapped around the stator. Although most manufacturers now prefer brushless motors, they are very costly. Brushed motors are less expensive and cool down faster than brushless motors.

On the other hand, Brushless motors are more solid and durable and can assist the vehicle in accelerating quickly. However, if the budget is low, individuals should go for a car with a brushed motor.


These were some of the most effective ways to purchase RC vehicles. Also, it must be kept in mind that sometimes the less expensive ones fail to fulfill the purpose for which it was bought. Hence, before making the purchase, every individual must decide their preferences.

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