fbpx 4 Tips to Make the Best of Your Company IDs

4 Tips to Make the Best of Your Company IDs

Image by Pabitra Kaity from Pixabay

ID badges are one of the most useful ways to establish security and identification in your company. It would be almost impossible to come across a company that doesn’t have employee and visitor badges, irrespective of its size. Despite their widespread use, many companies are unaware that they offer many more advantages than just security and identification.

A company deals with a lot of challenges every day. Whether improving their brand image, retaining employees, or dealing with security issues, a business must always be in constant pursuit of success. An ID badge can be a valuable instrument to deal with these problems if you know how to use them properly. Even a simple step of adding a badge holder to your IDs can secure your identities and avoid misplacing them. If you want to know how you will do that, here are four tips to make the best of your company IDs.

1. Enhance the Design

The design of your ID tells a lot about how you are as a company. The poor design reflects poorly on your brand, which shows you aren’t watchful about how your brand is perceived; hence, you don’t bother to invest more time and money into the design. If your current IDs have poor design, it’s time to revamp your design strategy and breathe new into your IDs.

A great design reflects the same high value onto your brand. You must invest in a good design firm to design your IDs. They have the necessary skills and resources to create high-quality designs and branding elements based on your brand’s logo, color, and other identities.

2. Use Badge Holders

As identities offer essential security for your company, you must ensure that the ID badges are adequately secured. A misplaced ID can grant an illegitimate person access to your premises, which might lead to data breaches and cost millions of dollars of potential losses. Fortunately, a simple upgrade of a badge holder can save you from catastrophes. An ID badge holder like an armband, badges on reels, badges with pen loops, etc., secures the ID cards in safe and close encasings. The holders are made with high-quality material that won’t break and can last for years. A mere investment of a few dollars can save your company millions in losses.

3. Upgrade the Security Features

Regular ID badges offer the basic levels of protection. The security personnel manually check the ID and grant you access. But due to technological advancement, identical duplicate IDs can be made and posed as authentic. Even the manual checking of IDs stands the possibility of human error. That’s why you must upgrade the security features in your badges. You can use the RFID chips, bar codes, QR codes, or holograms on your IDs which will be scanned with suitable equipment to grant access. These security features are essential for classified or high-risk facilities such as defense bases, hospitals, and banks.

4. Put Company Brand Elements on IDs

IDs can be a great medium to promote your brand. You can put your company’s brand identities like company name, logo, and taglines if you haven’t already. Employees who wear these IDs indirectly promote your brand to the outside world. So you must consider adding these brand identities to your ID badges so people can notice them.

IDs are undoubtedly one of the widely used and popular ways of identification and security. Make sure you invest in the right design and security measures to make the best of your ID badges.

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