fbpx All You Need to Know About MileIQ - Pros and Cons

All You Need to Know About MileIQ – Pros and Cons

Tracking your mileage is a necessity for many businesses, especially those looking for mileage reimbursement on their taxable income. MileIQ is one of the most popular solutions on the market for mileage tracking, offering small business owners and rideshare drivers an easy way of mile logging. Let’s take a closer look at what MileIQ offers and consider its pros and cons.

How does MileIQ work?

MileIQ is a popular mileage tracker app, with a simple interface and an affordable pricing plan. While the app may lack some advanced functionalities, like expense tracking or extensive route planning, the MileIQ Dashboard offers an easy-to-use solution for tracking miles.

Whether you’re a self-employed gig worker or a rideshare driver, a mileage tracker app like MileIQ can help you save money through tax deductions, for which you’re going to need a proper mileage log.

Pros and Cons of Using MileIQ

MileIQ is a simple and effective mileage tracking app, offering small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs who need to drive during their work time an easy way to track the distance and fuel used. With MileIQ, you can link separate trips together, and the app recognizes frequent trips for future convenience. It also offers a great Work Shifts feature, which allows you to set up routes for drivers with irregular working hours.

On the other hand, MileIQ might lack in certain functions if you’re looking for something more advanced. There is no proper expense tracking feature, and there’s also not much in terms of future route planning. There are also no clock-in and clock-out features for your employees, allowing them to keep a detailed timesheet, and the app offers only 1 tracking mode in total. In MileIQ, manual entry is also not possible.

How much does MileIQ Cost? 2022 MileIQ pricing plans

You can test out MileIQ with a free trial. The free trial gives you access to 40 free drives, which might not be enough if you drive your car to create revenue.

After the free option, you can pay for MileIQ Unlimited, which costs $59.99 per year, or $5.99 billed monthly.

Apart from personal pricing options, MileIQ also features plans for teams, including Teams Lite, which costs $50 per driver per year (or $5 monthly). There’s a planned Teams Pro plan which offers additional functionality, but hasn’t yet been rolled out.

Best MileIQ alternatives

If you’re looking for a MileIQ alternative, MileageWise is a great mileage app to choose. With MileageWise, you can save an average of $12,000 a year per car in mileage tax deductions. The app offers innovative AI-powered technology for recreating forgotten past mileage, based on previous journeys and clients’ locations.

MileageWise provides 3 automatic trip tracking modes, including vehicle movement monitoring, car Bluetooth tracking, and Plug’N’Go phone charge tracking, along with the manual recording. The app allows you to create a 100% IRS-compliant mileage log and a VIP mileage log preparation service, making sure everything goes smoothly in case of an IRS audit.

While MileageWise is a newcomer car mileage tracker, it offers a wide range of features and continues to improve at a high pace, outperforming MileIQ in many areas. While it certainly can be of use, there might be better alternatives than MileIQ available on the market.

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