Pele’s net worth – Footballer died leaving millions to beloved

During the peak of his career, Pele was the highest-paid athletes in the world and held many records during his career. But how much was the 82-year-old worth off the pitch?

His reported net worth was $100million, which is equivalent to £83million, as claimed by Forbes.

Pele, who was a true icon for football in South America, scored 1,297 goals across his career.

Due to this, he remains the highest goal scorer of all time, having broken through the sport at the age of 15.

After his playing career, Pele was also the Minister of Sports.

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Pele had been married three times and, in total, fathered seven children.

Speaking of his relationships, he admitted, during his Netflix documentary, to letting his eyes wonder elsewhere.

He even revealed to not knowing how many children he had at one point due to the number of affairs he had had.

He fathered three children with his first wife, Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi.


He then had a relationship with his housekeeper Anizia Machado which led to the birth of his daughter, Sandra, in 1993.

Sandra ended up filing a lawsuit against her father, who refused to take a DNA test to prove he was her father.

DNA evidence proved Pele was Sandra’s biological father.

Four years later, Pele welcomed another daughter.

In 1994, Pele married psychologist and gospel singer, Assaria Lemos Seixas and the ex-couple welcomed twins, Joshua and Celeste.

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