fbpx England's Potential UEFA Euro 2024 Lineup Boasts the Highest Market

England’s Potential UEFA Euro 2024 Lineup Boasts the Highest Market Value

Anticipation for UEFA Euro 2024 is rising and soon nations will gather together to watch their team fight for the title. Squads are limited to 23 players, but UEFA are now considering increasing squad sizes back to 26 — as seen in 2020 — for this year’s championship.

With plenty of potential for each team, who will make the final line up? With this in mind, SeatPick sourced the preliminary squads for each nation and utilised Transfermarkt to ultimately uncover the most valuable UEFA Euro 2024 squad.2,3

Highlights from the research:

  • England has the most valuable preliminary Euro squad this year, with an average squad market value of £47.1 million
  • France’s preliminary line up ranks second with an average squad market value of £46.2 million
  • The most valuable Euro players this year are Jude Bellingham and Kylian Mbappe with an average market value of  £154.2 million
  • Romania has the least valuable Euro squad with an average squad market of £2.9 million

The results: The most valuable UEFA Euro 2024 squad

Rank Country Total Market Value of All Preliminary Players (£)* Average Market Value of Preliminary Squad (£) *
1. England 1,178,784,800 47,151,392
2. France 1,063,990,350 46,260,450
3. Portugal 847,508,577.5 31,389,207
4. Spain 759,014,050 30,360,562
5. Germany 612,522,625 24,500,905
6. Netherlands 604,812,550 23,262,021
7. Italy 587,679,050 21,765,891
8. Belgium 463,289,840 18,531,594
9. Denmark 363,230,200 14,529,208
10. Croatia 292,982,850 10,851,217

*Total market value refers to the total sum of all preliminary players. The average market value is the average market value of the squad in its entirety.

England has the most valuable preliminary UEFA Euro 2024 squad

SeatPick can reveal that England has the most valuable preliminary Euro squad, with an average market value of over £47.1 million (£47,151,392). The England player with the highest market value is Real Madrid’s Jude Bellingham at £154.2 million. Closely followed in joint second are Bukayo Saka and Phil Foden with a market value of £111.3 million. England’s final loss to Italy in 2021 on penalties didn’t dampen their resolve and with a hugely valuable team, The Three Lions are poised for a strong comeback in 2024.

The second most valuable preliminary Euro squad is France, with an average £46.2 million in market value. France narrowly missed out on winning the World Cup last year to Argentina, and are in a great position to reign supreme this year. The preliminary UEFA Euro 2024 players for France have a total market value of £1.063 billion, with world-class forward Kylian Mbappe having the highest total market value at £154.2 million.

Ranking third is Portugal, with an average market value of £31.3 million. Although Portugal hasn’t won a trophy since Euro 2016, the preliminary squad has immense potential this year. AC Milan’s Rafael Leao has the highest market share of the team at £77.1 million. Widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, despite being 39 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to impress with a market value of £12.8 million.

Croatia places tenth on the list 

Croatia places tenth with an average market value of £10.8 million. Although Croatia is yet to win a European Championship, they came second in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Croatia’s most valuable player is Manchester Cities Mateo Kovacic, with a market value of £25.7 million.

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