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New Launch Pad trick for speedy rotations

The Fortnite community has discovered a new way to get from A to B in record time.

For a long time now, Fortnite players have used various strategies to change their flight path when Launch Padding. The most popular of these tricks is the “low launch”, which allows you to travel shorter distances without floating for too long and being exposed.

However, this latest method is even crazier. Aside from being pretty fun to pull off, it can also be extremely handy for late game rotations.

The initial concept was shared by Reddit user u/Nutterbutter1823. They posted an in-game clip which showed how to use a Crash Pad to effectively perform a boosted low launch.

A waste of Utility, but fun to use! from r/FortniteCompetitive

Another Redditor by the name of u/YAIKO_ then expanded on the idea, refining the set-up to make it easier to execute.

[embedded content]

As demonstrated in the video above, the trick is fairly simple:

  • Box up with just a cone above you and no floor piece

  • Edit open the front two tiles of the cone, and jump up to place a floor outside of the box

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    Stand towards the back of your box and throw a Crash Pad at the centre of the edited cone (It should land on the floor outside)

  • Then, with the cone still edited, just place a Launch Pad inside your box. You will hit the Crash Pad on your way out for a huge speed and distance boost

Also as shown by Yaiko, you can edit just one corner of the cone above you in order to fly diagonally.

Once you get this set-up down, it will definitely be quick enough to use in real matches. Whilst you do have to invest both a Launch Pad and a Crash Pad, it may be worth it to get you to zone in one swift movement.

The best part about this is that as you fly at such a high speed, it will be very hard for enemies to shoot at you.

It’s great that Fortnite fans are still finding new tricks like this and sharing them with us all. Watch out for people trying this one out at this weekend’s FNCS Solos event.

Source Fortnite Tracker Feed

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