Piers Morgan praises ‘proper’ leader Sir Keir Starmer after blasting Boris as row heats up

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Piers Morgan praises ‘proper’ leader Sir Keir Starmer after blasting Boris as row heats up

The GMB host took to his Twitter account to share a video of Sir Keir Starmer, who spoke out on the conservative government’s sudden U-turn on NHS migrant worker surcharges. Piers retweeted the video with a caption that said: “Great to have a proper opposition leader again. Our democracy needs it.”

This led to a number of the former Mirror editor’s followers disagreeing with him.

One said: “What’s proper about someone who campaigned alongside Corbyn to make him PM?”

Another replied: “I love him! At least robotic Starmer guarantees us with two more terms of the fabulous Tory government.”

A third commented: “You are joking he is atrocious.”

It comes as Piers released a piece on the Daily Mail that told Boris Johnson to “spare” his “hypocritical” claps for the NHS, after surcharging migrant healthcare workers and their families before the pandemic began.

The NHS surcharge equated to an extra £400 a year, which is a huge sum for those who might already be on a significantly lower income.

Piers explained: “That wasn’t enough of a punishment apparently, so, in March, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the Government was increasing the Immigration Health Surcharge to £624 from October.

“And from next January, it will be extended to all EU citizens when Brexit is completed.

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“So, all migrant workers who come from outside the UK to work in the NHS will have to pay thousands of pounds extra for them and their families to the NHS they serve, on top of the taxes and national insurance they will also be paying from their salaries.

“This is being done, Sunak said, ‘to ensure that new arrivals to the UK contribute to the funding of the NHS’ and that ‘what people get out, they also put in.’

“At the time, this seemed an astonishingly tone-deaf thing to be doing to the very people risking their lives to save others from coronavirus on the NHS frontline.

“Today, given the shocking NHS staff death toll, which includes many migrant workers, it seems utterly disgusting,” He added.

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Currently, the NHS has 153,000 overseas workers and only recently was Boris treated at St Thomas hospital.

After spending multiple nights in the hospital, at one point in intensive care, Boris praised the migrant nurses and doctors who saved his life.

He said in an interview that he was helped to recover by “’Po Ling and Shannon and Emily and Angel and Connie and Becky and Rachael and Nicky and Ann.”

After the article by Piers was released on Wednesday, it seems that the prime minister had a change of heart on the plans to increase the surcharge.

On Thursday the government announced that they were dropping the NHS staff surcharge after Boris thought “hard” about the decision.

The reversal was hailed as “victory for common decency” by Sir Keir.

Downing Street said in a statement: “The prime minister has asked the Home Office and the Department for Social Care to remove NHS and care workers from the surcharge as soon as possible,”

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