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State pension warning as ‘seismic shifts’ mean Britons forced to work past retirement age

Britons forced to work past retirement age

If a person begins to take money from their pension pot, the amount they can pay into a pension and still receive tax relief on may reduce.

The tax charge is one many people will be keen to avoid, but could trigger without even realising it.

Mr Tully continued: “The Money Purchase Annual Allowance will unwittingly catch out ‘pension dippers’ who want to continue working, given the prevalence of workplace pension schemes.

“The MPAA is an arbitrary allowance which is easy to increase or remove altogether, and would allow savers to rebuild their pensions, especially in light of the pandemic and resulting uncertainty created.”

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Gogglebox star’s Dave and Shirley forced to issue apology to fans amid urgent scam warning

Dave and Shirley first made their Gogglebox debut in 2015 and have become a firm favourite among viewers.

The couple, who reside in Caerphilly, in the South Wales valley, have been married for 45 years.

Both aged in their 60s, the couple were fans of the show before a casting agent snapped them up for the series.

Their beloved pet dog Bluebell often features on their social media feeds, and they share two adult children together.

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Martin Lewis forced to clarify after accidentally sparking confusion about House of Games

Martin Lewis, 49, revealed to his fans the he would be taking part in the latest series of Richard Osman’s House of Games, but sparked some confusion during filming for the show. It comes after the Money Saving Expert posted a snap of their practice round on Twitter, leading some to wonder whether the games were “fixed”.

The BBC show sees four celebrities go head to head to test their general knowledge skills by partaking in entertaining games.

Posting on the social media site, Martin shared a photo of Good Morning Britain host Ben Shepherd who appeared on a TV screen, used as a prop stand-in during their warm-up.

“Loving the fact Big @benshephard appearing in the practice round of House of Games,” Martin penned before some fans shared their confusion.

“They let you practice?” one asked.

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Richard simply wrote: “Remember to pace yourself.”

The star offered the advice to the financial journalist after he revealed that he was on his way to Glasgow to record the episode of the quiz show.

He shared his excitement ahead of filming, saying: “On the long train to Glasgow, to record @richardosman House of Games tomorrow.

“I couldn’t resist doing it, as it’s a great show and I love games.”

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Biden forced to pivot foreign policy focus to crises in neighboring nations

But recent incidents in the Caribbean mark a moment in which the Biden administration may be in uncharted territory.
While issues related to Russia, China and the Northern Triangle have been at the forefront of the Biden administration’s foreign policy priorities, violence and demonstrations taking place just off of America’s coast have forced the White House’s response.
Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was killed during an attack last week on his private residence in the capital of Port-au-Prince. Haiti’s first lady, Martine Moïse, was also shot in the attack and evacuated to a hospital in Miami for treatment.
The assassination has left the nation in deeper turmoil, leaving a power vacuum and coming as Haiti has been dealing with a wave of extreme violence, a growing humanitarian crisis and a worsening Covid-19 pandemic.
Thousands of Cubans took to the streets on Sunday to protest a lack of food and medicine as the country undergoes a grave economic crisis aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic and US sanctions.
The dual crises come at a time when the President would rather be focusing his attention on domestic issues like infrastructure and voting rights, a subject on which he’s set to give a major speech on Tuesday. When it comes to foreign affairs the White House has been preoccupied with the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and resetting American foreign policy to focus on powers in the Eastern Hemisphere like Russia and China.
To a certain extent, the dealings with those nations are ones that previous administrations also had to figure out how to handle, but the issues bubbling up in the Caribbean will be among the first unique foreign crises to test Biden and his team.
Biden on Monday indicated that the US is “ready to provide assistance” to both Cuba and Haiti, but it’s unclear exactly what form that help will take.
The Haitian government last week requested US troops to help protect infrastructure, ports, airports and energy systems, Elections Minister Mathias Pierre told CNN. Mathias said the request was for a limited number of around 500 troops and that he anticipated the threat to be “potential mercenaries.” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that request is still under review.
A US delegation traveled to Haiti on Sunday at the Haitian government’s request and that delegation briefed Biden on Monday morning after their return. The State Department disclosed Monday that they are aware of a third American citizen detained in Haiti after the assassination. CNN reported Monday evening that several of the men involved in the operation that killed Moïse previously worked as informants for US law enforcement, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, another complication for the US response.
Psaki said the US is assessing how the country can directly aid the Cuban people. She said it is too early to predict any potential policy change when it comes to Cuba. So far, that has come in statements encouraging the Cuban regime to listen to the protesters and words of support for the people of Cuba.
Biden expressed support for the Cuban people on Monday, calling on Cuban President Miguel Diàz-Canel’s regime to “hear their people and serve their needs.”
“Folks, I want to start recognizing remarkable protests taking place in Cuba,” Biden said when speaking to reporters at the White House. “I don’t think we’ve seen anything like this protest in a long, long time — quite frankly, ever.”
Biden said the Cuban people “are demanding their freedom from an authoritarian regime,” and asserting “their universal rights.” He also warned the Cuban government against “attempts to silence the voice of the people of Cuba.”
But earlier this spring, Psaki indicated that Cuba was not among the administration’s top policy priorities.
“A Cuba policy shift or additional steps is currently not among the President’s top foreign policy priorities. But it is an issue, of course, we will remain engaged in and focused on,” Psaki told reporters in April.
Pressed on whether the weekend events in Cuba have changed the administration’s priorities, Psaki said on Monday, “We will be looking to provide support to the people of Cuba. We certainly, you know, support the freedom of speech, the freedom of press, the freedom of — when we believe they deserve to have access to the economic support and medical support, health supplies that many of them are asking for.”
In nationally televised remarks Sunday, Díaz-Canel placed blame for the economic conditions on sanctions from the US.
Under the Obama administration, Cuba oversaw the reopening of embassies and relaxing of many restrictions long in place since the embargo. But the Trump administration enacted some of the toughest economic measures against Cuba in decades, reinstated travel restrictions and before leaving office, named Cuba a state sponsor of terrorism.
The Biden administration has yet to take action, but Cuba’s actions haven’t exactly encouraged the administration to move quickly to change policy.
The country has continued to support oppressive Latin American regimes and crackdown on dissidents. Brain injuries that have appeared to target Americans diplomats abroad have also included many originating in Cuba, leading to the name “Havana Syndrome.”
One major voice of opposition to returning to Obama-era Cuba policies is New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez, who told CNN he’s offered a list of policy recommendations to the White House.
Asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday why Biden had not yet taken action to lift the Trump policies on Cuba, Menendez said on “The Lead,” “I think the President has had time to review the actual policies under President Obama and all of the openings that President Obama made, which were one-sided — unilateral in terms of concessions — showed themselves to create absolutely no change inside of Cuba.”
“The regime enriched itself. The Cuban people never saw any benefit from it. So the result of that, I think, is that the Biden administration looked and said, ‘Wait a minute — that didn’t seem to work. We have to think about what exactly we should do in this regard,’ ” Menendez continued.

Covid panic as two UK hospitals declare code black alert – forced to cancel appointments

NHS Grampian said both Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and Dr Gray’s Hospital in Elgin, Moray have now been forced to postpone and cancel non-urgent elective operations due to a sharp rise in Covid patients. Both trusts have also seen a rise in staff members needing to self-isolate due to the virus. NHS Grampian medical director Professor Nick Fluck said: “This is a dynamic situation, subject to change throughout each day.

“I can confirm that both Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and Dr Gray’s Hospital have been at black status in recent days.

“Choosing to cancel procedures or appointments is never a decision we take lightly; however it is our only option if we are to relieve some of the pressure and allow staff to concentrate on the most urgent and emergency care.

“I know it is distressing for people to have procedures or appointments postponed, sometimes at very short notice. I apologise to anyone who has been affected by this.

“We will work to reschedule these, but we cannot offer any guarantees at present about when this might happen.

“If you are accessing any healthcare services, please be aware delays are likely.”

This comes as coronavirus cases, deaths and hospital admissions have begun to rise rapidly in Scotland. 

According to the Scottish Government, 3,799 new cases were reported north of the border. 

Since June 13, case levels have risen sharply and have exceeded 2,000 a day since June 21. 

JUST IN: Brexit LIVE: SNP stuns Boris with sensational bid to change UK rules

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has claimed the final easing of restrictions is not set in stone due to the rising case levels. 

Scotland is due to proceed to level 0 on July 19 as England also lifts all restrictions. 

She claimed lifting restrictions must be done in a reasonable and controlled manner due to the increasing case numbers. 

Ms Sturgeon told the BBC: “We are looking at this very carefully.

“My biggest concern right now is that even though we are seeing a weakening of the link between cases and hospitalisations, if we have a high number of cases even a lower proportion of those cases ending up in hospital can put pressure on our NHS.”

This is a breaking news story, more to follow…

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Netflix may be forced to make a controversial change and you are not going to like it

With users paying between £6 and £14 per month to watch Netflix, the concept of then showing adverts between a boxset binge is unlikely to go down well but some of the firm’s biggest competitors are already doing it.

Although the new Disney+ service remains totally advert free, HBO Max and Paramount Plus recently launched ad-supported tiers in the US.

Netflix recently confirmed that it had added fewer new subscribers during the last part of 2020 than at any other point in the last four years. This ended six months of record-breaking growth due to millions of us staying at home during the pandemic.

Along with showing adverts, Nathanson also said that Netflix may need to expand its catalogue of content to show live sporting events.

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Google forced to make a major change to all Android phones this summer

Google is set to make a core change to its Android operating system this summer… but only for those living in the UK and mainland Europe. Setting up a new Android device in these countries will now offer a choice of 12 separate search engines. Selecting one of these will change the default search engine for everything inside the operating system.

Since the European Commission fined Google a record $ 5 billion back in 2018, the company has been forced to offer Android users a choice of search providers when setting up a new handset. Previously, Google – which owns and develops Android – used its own hugely influential search engine to handle all voice and text searches inside the software.

This was deemed anti-competitive. Google agreed to allow up to three other providers to be listed as options during the set-up process. Rival firms had to enter a sealed bidding process to have the chance to be listed alongside Google as an option for Android tablet and smartphone owners. The European Commission has now stepped in once again after competitors flagged their misgivings about the approach.

According to a statement to TechCrunch, the European Commission confirmed that it had “discussed with Google means to improve that choice screen to address those concerns.”

The result will be available to all Android smartphones in early September. A redesigned choice screen will now feature up to 12 search engine providers, including DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Bing, and more.

Whichever option you pick will be used for all searches from the homscreen as well as inside Google’s own Chrome web browser. Of course, other web browsers – available to download from the Google Play Store – like Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or others can use their own choice of default search engine. Only Chrome will be forced to use the new system default.

To be eligible to be included in the choice screen, the search providers now only need a free app available in the Play Store. Subject-specific search engines aren’t eligible to be included on the choice screen, Google says. Providers that syndicate their search results from Google won’t be featured either.

“Following further feedback from the Commission, we are now making some final changes to the Choice Screen including making participation free for eligible search providers,” Oliver Bethell, Director, Legal at Google, wrote in a company blog post. “We will also be increasing the number of search providers shown on the screen. These changes will come into effect from September this year on Android devices.

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'We all said a little prayer': Kamala Harris' plane forced to return due to 'technical issue'

JOINT BASE ANDREWS, Md. — A technical issue that involved “no major safety concerns” forced Vice President Kamala Harris’ plane to return to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland about 30 minutes after she had left Sunday on a trip to Guatemala and Mexico. The plane landed safely and she gave a thumbs-up when she got off.

“I’m good, I’m good. We all said a little prayer, but we’re good,” she said.

The vice president was expected to depart in another plane in about an hour, spokesperson Symone Sanders told reporters traveling with Harris.

“It is a technical issue. There are no major safety concerns,” Sanders said.

The video in the media player above was used in a previous report.

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Author: AP

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British expat in Spain forced to demolish home of 17 years and even faces prison

Gurney Davey is a British man, from Suffolk, living in Malaga. He built a house in the Spanish city 17 years ago but has only recently found out that it should not have been built in the first place.

Mr Davey had been asked by Tolox town hall twice to knock down his house – in 2016 and in 2017.

The Englishman’s Spanish neighbour, Irene Millan, was also ordered to demolish her house at the time, but both waited for more details from the municipality.

Ms Millan heard from the court again and was given six months to “legalise” her property.

But Mr Davey was never given this option.

However, after Ms Millan spent €20,000 to legalise her property, the Malaga court refused to accept the new paperwork provided by the council and still ordered the demolition of her home.

Ms Millan’s house was knocked down last week.

Now, Mr Davey is afraid the same is going to happen to his home.

The British expat has had a tough year as this news comes just two months after his wife, Diana, died from cancer.

The couple lived together in their Malaga home for 17 years, and Mr Davey said they thought they had done “everything right at the time”.

He explained: “We got legal advice and went through a lawyer in order to get permission to build the home.

“Diana fought breast cancer for six years before bowel cancer – I am sure the stress brought it on.”

Mr Davey and his wife spent €150,000 to build the property.

“It came as a package – a plot with a new home on it,” Mr Davey explained.

The lawyer at the time, from legal firm Manzanares, told the couple that planning permission would be applied for as an “almacen”, or warehouse.

This would enable the house to be built and later legalised, but it was never legalised.

Mr Davey continued: “We went to see a lawyer and got advice. It turns out that was not the smart thing to do.”

Mr Davey’s current lawyer is now trying to get his jail sentence suspended, while the British man must finally knock down his home.

But he will not allow the town hall to do it, saying: “I will borrow a JCB from someone and flatten my home of the past 17 years. I will not let the town hall do it and charge me more money.

“I’ve no idea where to live afterwards. But the land is still mine – maybe I can live in a tent.”

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Woke witch hunt! Tory-voting comic forced to carry letter declaring himself ‘not racist’

The trolling lost Leo Kearse work and got so bad that the Live Comedy Association gave him a letter formally saying that they did “not believe” he held racist views. This has done little to appease the woke Twitter mob, Mr Kearse claimed – who said they continue to abuse him online.

The 44-year-old professional comedian said: “There’s a liberal witch hunt in the arts against anyone who doesn’t kowtow to the woke narrative.

“The cultural power is held by woke liberals and anyone who stands up against it will be sent to the metaphorical gulags.”

Ironically, the professional comedian became a target after he appeared on a Radio 4 programme about a lack of diversity in the industry last year.

During the broadcast, he spoke about the lack of “working class and right-wing representation among BBC comedy”.

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He accused the BBC of having a “lazy sneery anti-working class bias” before adding: “There’s no diversity. The diversity in BBC comedy runs skin deep.

“It’s run by a nepotistic Oxbridge cabal who just get the Oxbridge people with a slightly different skin colour to present things.

“If you shut your eyes, Nish Kumar – he didn’t go to Oxbridge, he went to Durham – but if you shut your eyes, Nish Kumar could just be just any other posh middle-class white guy.”

This enraged Live Comedy Association (LCA) rep Saima Ferdows who responded to a tweet quoting Mr Kearse by saying: “Was once told Leo is right-wing but not racist…ok then.”

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The appearance led to other trolling and many bookers and promoters unfollowed him on social media or openly telling him that he was blacklisted, he claimed.

At the time he demanded an apology but Ms Ferdows tweet remains live.

Instead the LCA gave him a letter saying that it did not believe he held “racist views”.

He added: “It cost me work. Instead of deleting the tweet, the LCA sent me this letter confirming I’m not racist.

“It’s as much use as a babysitter having a letter confirming they’re not a paedo.”

He added: “(She) smeared me on Twitter as a racist – despite never having met me or spoken to me.

“(This was) based on the fact that, like most of the country, I’m right wing – despite our Tory government having the most ethnically diverse cabinet in history.

“In the wake of the BLM protests, accusing someone of racism in a culture that assumes guilt is hugely damaging.

“Her accusation was circulated through the industry and many bookers and promoters unfollowed me on social media or openly told me I was blacklisted.

“I’ve lost work because of this, and my reputation has been damaged.”

Ms Ferdows told Express.co.uk: “My one tweet about him got 21 likes and one retweet – I hardly call that smearing.

“I have not since tweeted about him.”

She claimed that Mr Kearse’s “constant” social media posts about her were infact a “smear against me” and said the episode has left her feeling “quite suicidal”.

The film producer has consulted a lawyer about the post.

“My lawyer’s advice is that I’ve done nothing wrong and I don’t need to take the tweet down,” she said.

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