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Dementia warning: The 60p ingredient shown to ‘double’ the risk of memory decline – study

THE BATTLE against dementia is set to become more onerous over the coming decades as populations age. The link between diet and dementia risk is inconclusive, but overdoing a staple ingredient has been shown to cause “faster cognitive decline” in one study.

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Type 2 diabetes: The hidden ingredient to avoid or risk high blood sugar levels – key tip

TYPE 2 diabetes is a common condition that causes the level of sugar in your blood to become too high. This causes excessive thirst, fatigue and needing to pee a lot. If this wasn’t bad enough, type 2 diabetes can also increase your risk of experiencing major issues with your eyes, heart and nerves. There is one major lifestyle habit you can change to prevent the onset of diabetes.

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Camping equipment packing – a simple ‘very easy’ ingredient to remove rust

THE SUMMER holidays saw many Britons head to the great British outdoors and enjoy a camping holiday. With summer now over, camping equipment will be stored away until next year. But how should campers clean, pack and store their camping gears to keep them in top shape for another holiday?

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