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Princess Beatrice 'just like mum Sarah Ferguson' in 'uninhibited' new video – expert

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Princess Beatrice 'just like mum Sarah Ferguson' in 'uninhibited' new video - expert
Princess Beatrice, 32, has openly spoken about her experience of growing up with dyslexia and champions several organisations that support people who have the learning difficulty. Beatrice is an ambassador for Made By Dyslexia charity and has helped plug a new book designed to encourage dyslexic children to read.
Ahead of Children’s Book Day on April 2, Beatrice provided a video reading of the Xtraordinary People book for children and spoke about how she was “made by dyslexia.”

Speaking about the charity campaign, Beatrice said: “It’s no secret that I struggled with my dyslexia as a child and often even wished it away.

“But now I see it as a tremendous gift and I want every dyslexic child to know that they too can tap into their dyslexic strengths.”

Body language expert Judi James analysed the new clip of Beatrice for Express.co.uk and shared her insights.

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According to the analyst, Beatrice mirrors some of her mother Sarah Ferguson’s traits while speaking in the new video.

Fergie has written books for children and during lockdown launched a Story Time with Fergie and Friends project on social media.

The project means that over the past year Fergie has regularly shared videos of herself reading children’s books online.

Beatrice seems to harness some of her mother’s energy while speaking to children about reading in the new video, Judi claimed.

Judi said: “Beatrice was obviously a perfect choice to be an ambassador of this dyslexia campaign, not just because of her own experiences with dyslexia but also because she seems to have the knack of talking to children and young people like a child herself to create two types of empathy.

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“From the perky, head-tilt greeting of ‘Hello, I’m Beatrice’ to later in the reading where she warms to her theme and relaxes, sounding as impressed by what she is reading as her audience will be, she delivers from a mirrored state to motivate her audience via example.”

According to the expert, Beatrice conveys some sadness when touching upon her own dyslexia struggle.

Judi said: “There is only one moment of sad reflection when she describes being dyslexic at school as being ‘a bit of a struggle’.


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“Her eyes widen into a round shape that suggests fear at the memory before she looks down in a cut-off gesture, but then she changes tone and mood with the words ‘but now…’ and her eye contact and part smile let her audience know that their mood should be as upbeat and optimistic as her own.”

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Beatrice seems to embrace childlike body language in order to connect with her young audience, Judi claimed.

The expert said: “Like a child, she performs a small self-hug of delight as she tells us ‘I feel soooo lucky!’ and her skills of verbal emphasis make her repeated use of the promoted word ‘Xtraordinary’ a great plug for the book.”

Judi claimed Beatrice is a dead ringer for her mum Sarah as she “lets go of her inhibitions” in the video.

She said: “As Beatrice’s inhibitions go and she starts to really warm to her story-reading she shows traits that she has clearly inherited from her mother, including the widening of the eyes and the use of verbal and body language asides, where she will add her own comments by leaning into the screen as though having a one-to-one chat.

“She also does a very good verbal and non-verbal version of resilience, throwing her head back and enunciating with energy as she tells us with contagious pride that she is ‘Made by Dyslexia’.”

Beatrice is extremely close to her little sister Princess Eugenie, 31, who gave birth to a baby boy last month.

Following a relaxation of lockdown restrictions on Monday, Beatrice will finally be able to meet her new nephew August. 

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Princess Beatrice 'just like mum Sarah Ferguson' in 'uninhibited' new video - expert
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