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Capcom Is Gifting Monster Hunter Rise Players A Commemorative Item Pack

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Monster Hunter Rise

Monster hunting is tough work, and if you want to get the kill or capture one, in most cases, you’re going to need some items to help you out in battle.

To celebrate Monster Hunter Rise shipping more than five million copies globally, Capcom is gifting a commemorative item pack to all the hunters out in the wild. All up, you’ll get 30 Mega Potions, 20 Well-done Steaks, 10 Large Barrel Bombs, 5 Mega Demondrugs, and 5 Mega Armorskins.

This item is only redeemable in the main game of Monster Hunter Rise and will require you to update your copy in order to be claimed. It also can only be claimed once from the Courier.

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How has your Monster Hunter experience been so far? Enjoying the hunt? Leave a comment below.

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Capcom Is Gifting Monster Hunter Rise Players A Commemorative Item Pack
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