Amazing videogame covers by this neuroscientist Classic guitar soundtracks

The opening ceremony at the Olympic Games Tokyo in July revealed something that many people around the globe didn’t know: Japan has many top composers working in videogames. The game soundtracks are better than ever, and there is a YouTuber dedicated to sharing his passion for music from MMORPGs such as Final Fantasy XIV or Genshin Impact. He also shares his love of action games like Nier Automata and the relaxed block building of Minecraft.

Cecil Chau, a Vancouver-based neuroscientist and classical guitarist is also an avid fan of videogames. He has a YouTube channel called GuitarSVD. The SVD is shorthand for “singular value degradation” which he says is a very useful tool in image processing and statistics.

Chau posted several videos based upon Final Fantasy, as well as other JRPG-related series. However, his taste is eclectic – he will play any song he likes, and his videos include a wide range of music from Cyberpunk 2077 through Genshin Impact.

This is his Tango of the Trupple King, a performance by Shovel Knight.

YouTube Thumbnail

This is Ludwig the Holy Blade from the Bloodborne score.

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Chau even took Kazuma Kiryu’s suit out to wear Yakuza 0’s famous karaoke song, Baka Mitai (Dame Da Ne).

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It is absolutely stunning to hear his rendition of Keiichi OKabe’s Yonah/Ashes of Dreams, taken from the Nier Replicant soundtrack.

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Chau includes both tablature and musical notation for most songs in his latest uploads. You can have a look at the arrangements by yourself.

If his music makes you feel relaxed and daydreamy, then Ko-fi can get him a cup of coffee.

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