MyKayla skinner was just about to quit the Olympics and gets shot At medal, Simone Biles’ vault substitute


MyKayla skinner was just about to quit the Olympics and gets shot
At medal, Simone Biles' vault substitute

MyKayla Skinner believed her Olympic hopes were over after qualifying for individual events.

After USA Gymnastics selected Grace McCallum to fill the last spot on their women’s team, Skinner was invited as an individual competitor to the Olympics. Team USA believed that Skinner would have a better chance to medal as an individual over the team’s other options.

The 24-year-old gymnast did not qualify for the finals of any individual events. On Twitter, she acknowledged that this would be her last Olympic appearance.

Skinner has regained her Olympic hopes despite Simone Biles withdrawing from Sunday’s finals.

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USA Gymnastics issued a statement Friday night, confirming that Biles will not compete in the finals of vault or uneven bars.

This opens up the possibility for Skinner, to return to the fold. Skinner, a great vaulter, finished fourth in qualifying. Only two countries can compete in each event, so the top eight competitors qualified for finals. Skinner was not included in the finals because her score of 14.866 placed Skinner behind Jade Carey (15.183) or Biles (15.183).

After missing the qualifying cut, Skinner was “going to leave (Japan) but was asked to stay” in case Biles couldn’t go, her coach Lisa Spini told USA Today.

Skinner will now have the chance to realize her Olympic dream. She was an alternate at the 2016 Olympics and then competed in individual competitions.

Skinner’s coach Lisa Spini stated that Skinner is performing well in training. Her vaults during qualifying weren’t her best.

This wouldn’t exactly be how you would want it, but you accept the opportunity. She had two dreams: her first was to become an Olympian, and her second was to win a medal.

Skinner hopes to assist Team USA in winning the vault medal for the third year running. McKayla maroney won silver and Biles took gold in the 2016 United States Olympic Games.

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