BMW Individual Program Available for All X3,X4,X5,X6, and X6 X7 models

BMW of North America quietly announced a major update to their Individual program in April 2021. BMW USA sent dealers a bulletin informing them that the X3 & X4 SUVs would join the X5, X6 & X7 under the BMW Individual catalogue. The caveat is that the X5, X6 & X7 offer a variety of colors including frozen, but the X3 & X4 have only 8 options. The Spartanburg facility does not offer the BMW Individual interiors.

The colors available for the X3 and X4 are the following:

  • Frozen Black Metallic
  • Frozen Marina Bay Blue
  • Grigio Teseto pearl
  • Ruby Red II
  • Urban Green
  • Malachite Green
  • Nardo Grey
  • Frosted Deep Grey Metallic

Special colors for the X3 & X4 are priced at $4,500 each. Prices for the X5 and X6 individual colors start at $5,000. The X7 has a $5500 option.

BMW created a website that gives you a greater understanding of the many options in its Individual range. It allowed you to go online, select your car, and browse through several paint options before making a purchase. BMW created a new individual visualizer to address this problem. It now offers a wide range of colors.

The interior section of this visualizer allows you to choose the right combination for your car’s exterior. A few M Performance Parts will allow you to view the vehicle’s appearance. You can customize your car with any of the available options, including spoilers, splitters, wings, and stripes. This visualizer shows the 3 Series, 5 Series and a handful of M models: M3, M4, and M5 with various body styles or competition versions.

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