Daily Crunch: South Korea’s Parliament delays the final vote ‘anti-Google law’


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Welcome to Daily Crunch, August 25, 2021. Our lead story will show you how quickly the technology news cycle runs today. It is an exact reversal of the previous week’s most important news story! Wow! — Alex

TechCrunch Top 3

  • OnlyFans backtracks, will allow adult content:All that and more. OnlyFans decided to change course after causing an internet storm by declaring that it would stop selling and supporting most adult content. It won’t now block access to the content. More information on this topic is available hereThe Equity Podcast crew keeps track of notes.
  • Warby Parker is going public:We could soon be ready for another IPO cycle after a brief summer lull. Warby Parker, a D2C supplier of eyewear may lead this IPO cycle. TechCrunch has heard about the company so we were excited to explore its data. What’s our take? Our take?
  • Headspace + Ginger:News broke today that meditation service Headspace and mental-health-focused startup Ginger are merging to create Headspace Health. It will have 800 employees and be valued at $3 billion. Calm is another major player in meditation. Headspace was long in direct competition.


Kanye West is our first guest. He’s out with a gadget called the “Stem Player,” which, per TechCrunch, is “designed to isolate stems — specific elements like vocals, bass, samples and drums” from musical tracks. This is a very clever idea. It should get a little marketing boost from Kanye.

Two stories emerge from the fintech startup industry today. We are curious how much capital can densely populated verticals of fintech absorb before investors become bored?

Two stories from the logistic realm today that could give you hope for a better future where stuff delivered to your home has a smaller carbon footprint and a more affordable price.

  • Alphabet expands its drone delivery business:This is the latest news from Down Under. It recently announced that Wing, Alphabet’s drone delivery service, had reached 100,000 deliveries. It is now live in Logan Australia where approximately 300,000. Please bring it to Providence, Rhode Island, Alphabet.
  • UndCoco raises $36M to fund super-cute delivery robotsThere was an important committee meeting somewhere in the past that I was not able to attend. It was determined that delivery robots must be adorable. It’s not clear why. Coco’s robot delivery man is adorable. Capital from a Series A, led by Sam Altman (Y Combinator) is now well-funded.

Here are two stories that relate to digital commerce in Europe, keeping with the theme of logistics

To top it all, the cybersecurity venture capital market has hit a new peak, with Jane, a cannabis-focused startup, completing a $100 million round.

India is on the right path towards SaaS leadership, but there are still challenges

According to the SaaSBOOMi/McKinsey report, India’s SaaS market will account for between 4% and 6% of global markets by 2030 and produce $50 billion to $70 billion annually in revenue.

Manav Garg (CEO and co-founder of Eka Software Solutions) says, “With the right approach it will not be long before India’s SaaS industry becomes a large employer of talent and a significant contributor of India’s GDP.

He writes a guest blog highlighting key growth factors, including “the greatest concentration of developers around the globe” and “SaaS not a win-win market.”

The region faces many challenges even though it is growing.

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Big Tech Inc.

  • The PC is still around:New data from Canalys shows that iPads are not taking over the world. According to the Canalys data, sales of PCs rose by 17% compared with year-ago figures, but tablet sales fell. Maybe full-power computers are more in demand than ever because we have so much more to do. The PC news has been good for many big tech companies, such as HP and Lenovo.
  • Hulu launches HDR viewing of some contentTechCrunch says that Hulu, the U.S. video streaming site, began rolling out HDR support in August 19. This “should be available for all users with HDR compatible devices in the coming days,” TechCrunch reports. HDR support has been limited to certain high-profile Hulu videos so far.
  • South Korea delays proposed “anti-Google law”:TechCrunch’s Kate Park wrote that if the bill is passed, South Korea would be the first to ban global tech companies from inflicting billing systems on app purchases. Apple and Google oppose this measure.

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