How to unsend messages from Instagram

Did you accidentally send an email to someone you weren’t supposed to be? Perhaps you accidentally sent someone a message and now regret it.

We can’t help but to say sorry if you sent a text message. These messages are permanent, but Instagram messages can be unsend for a limited time. Yes, Instagram can unsend Instagram message. Want to see the process? Enter our offices.

Watch me spamming friends’ Insta DMs using keyboard smashes, poop emoticons, and it’s not something I’d send out on purpose. It happens all the time.

Credit: Screenshot: Instagram

Fear not, poop-emoji-spamming-version of me. That Instagram message can be completely unsent.

1. Tap and hold first the message that you wish to delete.

There are two choices: unsend or copy. Tap “Unsend”.

What you’ll see after tapping and holding the message

A pop-up message will appear asking you if you are sure that you wish to unsend the message. The message will warn everyone that it’s being removed. It will warn you that others may already have seen the message. If the other person is already aware of the message, it won’t be possible to unsend. It is possible to delete the message from their DMs but not from their minds.

2. 2. Tap the “Unsend” button under the popup

Tap “Unsend”

A pop-up will appear letting you know that the message has not been sent. It may be necessary to send it again after the popup has ended. The pop-up states that unsent messages can still be sent if the conversation is reported. This is because people shouldn’t have the freedom to send unsent messages and not face consequences.

You can now send messages to yourself without any pop-ups. Instagram wants you to understand how things work.

This is my message thread, with one text blob and an inordinate amount of poop emoticons.

The new thread, now poop free

These messages have been deleted from the forum because they were not sent. This is it.

So, that’s my demonstration of poop-emoji-filled behavior.

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