Time 100’s cover photo of Harry and Meghan sparks backlash.


Link” href=”https://www.express.co.uk/latest/prince-harry” rel=”tag” target=”_blank”>Prince Harry and

Jessica Parry wrote that another person said: “They look differently from the usual, heavily airbrushed image there. It is sending the wrong message.

Geoff Sharp shared the following comment: “This photo is bizarre.” The photos look great, but they are too powerful for me.

A second photo shows the happy couple walking along their Californian estate in matching green clothes as they look into each other’s eyes.

As they were walking under huge trees with greenery surrounding them, the photo was labeled “awkward”, and “extremely Photoshopped”.

Krys Pagan tweeted: “Love these poses but the photoshoot could’ve gotten more cringeful if it tried.” The editing was terrible, and the photoshopped images are a disaster.”

Selwa was another user who said that their skin looked too smooth to be real. Harry’s eyes don’t look bright enough, so there was definitely some retouching.

Other people were pleased for the couple, and delighted to see them on the cover of the magazine.

Nathan Samuels stated: “So beautiful it sums up what Harry and Meghan are.”

Martha Jones said: Meghan is such an amazing woman! Harry is also beautiful with his blue eyes.

Another user, Claudette Salzer, said that Meghan looked so powerful.

This announcement was made as Harry celebrated his 37th Birthday in America.

Four snaps were taken by Harry on the Royal Family’s twitter account. They also said, “Wishing today a Happy Birthday to The Duke of Sussex!”

The wishes of other family members, including William and Kate, were also conveyed to Prince William.

Publiated at Wed 15 Sep 2021, 19:39.40 +0000


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