Dying Light 2 Christmas event involves nutcrackers and evil elves

Nutcrackers, elves, giant angry heaps of snow – sounds like the Dying Light 2 Christmas event is on. The zombie game’s seasonal event features a festive overhaul in the last city, with rank-and-file goons dressed up as evil elves and demolishers festooned with bright Christmas lights. None of them have cheered up very much, but you’ll be able to earn a free Nutcracker cosmetic bundle for jumping in and participating in the limited-time event.

Winter Tales has Aiden chasing down holiday-themed versions of Dying Light 2 enemies: naughty bolters, naughty helpers, and Uncle Snows. They’re all going Grinch mode, stealing holiday candies and presents, and it’s up to Aiden to get them back.

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Baka the Unfortunate, Dying Light 2’s itinerant sweet tooth, has returned and can be found in the Bazaar – the caged mutant will have more information on what to expect during Winter Tales.

Bringing gifts to Baka can earn you the new Nutcracker Bundle, which includes a nutcracker skin for Aiden, a nutcracker paraglider, and a bauble mace that looks like a large, spiky holiday ornament. For the skin, you’ll have to increase Baka to merchant level five. The paraglider can be unlocked by picking up 20 stolen presents around the city.

The mace will unlock for everyone if players collectively gather six million presents during the event, which runs through January 5.

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