Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 4: COD Warzone update adds Stimulus Trios

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 4: COD Warzone update adds Stimulus Trios

Infinity Ward has confirmed the launch of the game’s latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 4 update. The Playlist changes are now live across PS4, Xbox One and PC, and have removed the 200-player Quads mode. As the name suggests, 200 players would drop into the map instead of just 150, making for a more crowded map.

Normal Quads Mode has now been bumped up out of the sub-menu and will be the go-to Quads mode for this week.

Meanwhile, Stimulus Trios will be the new variant you can find in Warzone, and is something gamers have already encountered.

A message from Infinity Ward confirms: “A playlist update for Warzone is going out now across all platforms.

“This update removes the BR 200 playlist, adds BR Quads back into the submenu, and brings BR Stimulus Trios into the mix.”

Gamers who have tried out Stimulus in Warzone will know that there is no Gulag, but instead, players will automatically drop back in if they have enough cash.

This is usually set at $ 4500, and Warzone gamers will still have the option of using a Pay Station during the match.

This will be the first time Stimulus rules will be available in a team format, so it will be interesting to see what affects it will have.

Those who played the Solo version report that it gave you more chances to win but could also be bad for your K/D.

For those who might not have played Warzone before, here’s everything you need to know about the Gulag:

“During Battle Royale matches, upon your first death in Verdansk, your Operator will be dragged off to the Gulag. Although there is a Gulag Prison in Verdansk you can explore during a Warzone match, this area of the Gulag is not the same as the area you can visit in Verdansk. The area where Gulag prisoners fight is completely sectioned off from the main Warzone experience.

“You reach the Gulag only after your Operator is downed and bleeds out. Self-Revive Kits and squadmate Redeploy Tokens can mitigate this circumstance.

Here, you’ll be alongside those who have also fallen during combat, including enemies you may have taken down yourself. Don’t get too comfortable with your prison mates; they may become the one person standing between you and a second chance in the Warzone.

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