B12 deficiency symptoms: The changes in mouth that could signal the ‘sneaky’ condition

Characterised as “sneaky”, vitamin B12 deficiency can have harmful effects on your body. What’s worse, around six percent of people below the age of 60 are affected by this deficiency. And this statistic rises even further with age, climbing to 20 percent. Described also as a “sore and red” tongue, this sign can make the […]


More Britons at risk of ‘sneaky lifetime allowance tax’ as inflation overtakes savings

“If you start putting away £200 a month from the age of 18 and your investments get that market average nine percent rate of return, your pension pot will be worth over £1,000,000 three months before your 60 birthday. “And your pension pot will go over the £1,073,100 lifetime allowance before you turn 61.” It […]

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Prince William beats Harry for ‘most attractive’ royal eyes – Duke of Sussex more ‘sneaky’

“When asked what characteristics each set of eyes indicated to the respondent, Prince William’s eyes correlated most with ‘humble’ (9.7 percent), ‘caring’ (11 percent) and also ‘sad’ (13.85 percent).” How do William’s eyes compare to Prince Harry’s? The expert continued: “Whilst many may find Prince Harry attractive, the former royal did not land a top […]


New Theory Suggests Sneaky Way Ocean Microbes And Minerals May Have Oxygenated Earth

Most life on Earth can be broadly split into oxygen consumers and oxygen producers. This delicate balance of givers and takers keeps the concentration of oxygen in our planet’s atmosphere around 21 percent. And, yet, that wasn’t always the case.   In the first few billion years of Earth’s existence, oxygen was relatively scarce. Then, […]


15 Celebs Who Were Super Sneaky And Actually Slipped Into A Theater To Watch Their Movies And People’s Reactions

Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher sneaking into a theater just to watch the Star Wars: A New Hope trailer is absolutely perfect. View Entire Post › Read more here BuzzFeed – Celebrity


Leaked Footage Shows Off-Air News Anchors Calling Djokovic A ‘Lying, Sneaky Asshole’

The hot mic conversation between Mike Amor and Rebecca Maddern on Australia’s Seven Network has gone viral. Read more here Entertainment


‘Lying, sneaky, a**hole!’ Novak Djokovic bashed by Aussie reporters in leaked video

NOVAK DJOKOVIC won his court appeal against the cancellation of his visa, causing many celebrations from fans, however, in a leaked video some Australian news reporters have been seen as less than impressed with the dramatic outcome. Read more here Daily Express :: World Feed


Australian TV anchors blast Novak Djokovic as ‘lying, sneaky a–hole’ in off-air exchange

It was a racket. Read more here New York Daily News


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Red wine wars: Sneaky Sunak slips through new tax on ALL bottles in Budget

RED WINE will see a higher duty imposed on it following the implementation of “radical” reforms to alcohol duty announced in today’s autumn budget. Read more here Daily Express :: UK Feed