Approximately 30 passengers were reported to be injured following the severe turbulence.

Flight 423 was travelling from Guadalajara to Tijuana when the incident occurred.

The passengers and crew members travelling on the Volaris flight hit strong winds which caused the incident.

Eight of the injured passengers and four flight attendants were taken to hospital after landing.

The video reveals the extent of the injuries, with one man showing his bleeding knuckles from the incident.

The overhead cabins were broken from the severe turbulence with pieces hanging down from them.

Parents were seen with their children and holding them close as they look at the camera.

One person was lying in the aisle of the plane with others tending to his injuries.

Crew members could be heard calling for medical assistance.

The flight, which was cruising at an altitude of 34,000 feet at the time, was met by paramedics after landing.

The crew did not force an emergency landing and the plane landed at Tijuana as planned.

In a statement, low-cost airline Volaris said: “Some clients and members of the crew were reported as injured.

“Clients and members of the crew were attended to after landing in Tijuana by the medical services.”

Earlier this week, passengers travelling from Glasgow to Ibiza experienced constant turbulence which left many vomiting and crying.

While scary, turbulence rarely leads to plane incidents or crashes.

Captain Steve Allright, a BA pilot, previously told turbulence is “uncomfortable but is not dangerous”.

He goes as far as to say it is “perfectly normal” to experience it on a flight.

Those who experience extremely bad turbulence should learn to control their breaking.

Understanding how planes work can also ease some fears when flying.

Daily Express :: Travel Feed


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