Canada is a great destination for tourists. Here’s how to get there. Expect

American tourists are expected to begin returning to Canada in August 9. Visitors from other countries will follow suit in September.

Canada will open its doors to non-essential travel for the first times since March 2020. While Canadian citizens and residents who have received their vaccines in full are allowed to travel to Canada, the rest of the globe has been kept out since July 5. The acceleration in Canada’s vaccination rollout and the steady decline of new coronavirus cases mean that this situation will change. This trend will continue, and Canada will open its doors to Americans starting August 9. The rest of the world can enter Canada beginning September 7. As long as they are fully vaccinated.

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Canada’s vaccine campaign is gaining speed and lockdown restrictions are being eased (c)Getty Images

Are you planning to travel to Canada? These are the things you should know when traveling to Canada.

You must have all your vaccines in order to enter Canada. Canada accepts visitors’ vaccines such as the Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. Vaccinated individuals can travel without any problems for up to two weeks following their last dose or after two weeks of their Johnson & Johnson shot.

Travelers will also be required to present a negative COVID-19 result from a test taken within 72 hours of their departure–regardless of their vaccination status–and must present the results before boarding their flight. Travelers will be asked for proof of vaccination and test results. Some may also need to present their contact information via the ArriveCAN app or paper-based forms.

After August travel restrictions will ease, tourists who have been fully vaccinated can bring their children to Canada.

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The public health measures differ from one province to another so make sure you check (c.Jiri Sitar/Destination canada).

Do I need to be quarantined when I arrive in Canada

Fully vaccinated travellers won’t be required to have their quarantine records checked upon arrival. The government suggested that they have a 2-week quarantine plan ready in case they are not able to meet Canada’s pandemic requirements.

Canada’s current lockdown status

The lockdowns lifted in the spring but the coronavirus is still in circulation. Public health measures were in place, and they vary from one territory to the next. For more information, visit the government’s resource site. For example, visitors must fill out additional forms in Newfoundland or Labrador before they can travel. Nova Scotia, however, does not require this form. It’s also important to know that not all Indigenous communities accept visitors during this period.

The cleaning procedures have been improved in hotels, while bars and restaurants are now open to guests, although some restrictions apply. Manitoba has a 50% limit on restaurant capacity. Some provinces have implemented physical barriers to limit the amount of visitors, increased ventilation, and other measures that protect cultural spaces such as museums and theatres. You may have to reserve tickets ahead of time if you plan to visit.

Some provinces, including Saskatchewan and British Columbia have removed mask mandates. You should still bring a mask to Canada, regardless of the province you are traveling to. It may be necessary for transportation and public places.

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Many national parks are now open throughout Canada. (c)Destination Canada

You’ll find Canada’s most famous outdoors adventure and extreme sport activities open to the public. However, some areas may not be accessible to all visitors. Parks Canada states that only those areas where safety and health precautions can be taken will be accessible to the public. As COVID-19 situation changes, it is possible for services to be changed or closed quickly. Check the most recent updates and plan your trip here.

Queen Victoria Park is the best place to see Niagara Falls. By August’s first international tourists arrive, all attractions, including shuttles and restaurants, will be available. Banff National Park’s hiking and biking trails are available for daily use. Many campgrounds in the park are also open to guests.

Be prepared and make sure you are up-to-date with the most recent public health information. Rules can vary greatly and change quickly.

The article was published for the first time in August 2020. It has been updated since July 2021.

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