Mike Morhaime, Ex-CEO to Blizzard Women: “I’m so.” Sorry to disappoint you”

Mike Morhaime, ex-CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment made a statement about Activision’s lawsuit and current allegations against it earlier in the week. He told the former women that he had “failed you”. We’re beginning with a warning regarding suicide, harassment and rape.

Morhaime, along with Allen Adham & Frank Pearce, founded Blizzard in 1991. He served as the president until announcing his retirement in 2018. This was just before he left Blizzard completely in April 2019.

Morhaime stated today that he had read Activision Blizzard’s full complaint regarding the “frat-boy” culture. He said, “It is very distressing and difficult to understand.” This feels like all that I believed in has been swept away. Worse, but perhaps more importantly, it seems like real people were hurt, with some women having terrible experiences.

He continues, “The fact so many women were maltreated and weren’t supported means that we let them down.” It is up to the leadership of all departments of the company to eradicate harassment and toxicity. Blizzard ladies who have experienced these types of things are deeply sorry.

Although I know these words are not true, I felt the need to recognize those women who suffered terrible experiences. “I hear you. I believe you. I’m so sorry that I have let you down.” Read the complete statement below.

Morhaime, who was present at Blizzard during GamerGate, spoke out against the accusations that his company had a low level of ethnic and gender diversity in its games. He also condemned online abuse of the gaming community.

Activision Blizzard continues to be the subject of a lawsuit by California Department of Fair Employment and Housing

Publited Sat 24 July 2021 12:40 – 0000

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