Console wipe-off and upgrade: What day is it?

Although the Rust console edition has a slightly different schedule than that of the PC, it still wipes out server progress every month.

You should note that the current version is limited to a PS4 or Xbox One, so there are no new-generation versions to choose from.

All console gamers, however, can still download the latest version from both the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store.

The next 24 hours are the most crucial time in gaming, and it will impact more active gamers.

This week’s Rust console edition monthly wiping day will be held. It won’t take long for everything to get scrubbed.

The core Rust Console edition servers will follow the same monthly wipe plan. It is on the fourth Thursday of each month at 11am PST/2pm EDT/7pm BST.

It is valid regardless of the server location and/or time zone across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

All Rust servers are restored to their original state after a server wiping.

All buildings and other items on the map will now be removed and all people will need to begin new projects.

The Rust team added that they understand players’ desire to join newly wiped servers immediately so want to provide a consistent and simple pattern for everyone.

While we try to avoid wiping blueprints as much as possible, in certain cases this may be necessary for the survival of the game. We will inform you if this happens. For those who want a new experience each month, we are creating “blueprint Always Wipe” servers.

According to an online schedule, the Rust console wipe will begin on Thursday, July 28, at 7pm BST.

Developers Double Eleven have also confirmed the release of patch 1.04 soon after additional work was done in order to prevent any issues.

The Rust support group sent a message earlier in the week. “QA discovered a major problem during loading, causing many crashes.” Although we have a solution, QA will continue testing to make sure that crashes do not recur in patch. We will notify you when 1.04 is released.

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