Prime Gaming launches Indiana Jones and the Fate of Retro Gaming Atlantis August

Another round of Amazon Prime Gaming games is coming your way. The August goodies are now revealed. Among a number of indie games there is one special and retro addition to LucasArts’ back catalog: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

The classic game was launched way in 1992. It is a simple point-and-click adventure about Indy, a famous museum-stocking and tomb-raiding hero. Indy’s adversaries are, as usual, the Nazis. They are trying to find a more deadly weapon than the Atom Bomb, which destroyed the mythological Atlantis city. The game features more than 200 locations, according to its Steam page. There is fistfighting to win, balloon rides, car chases, and smart-ass jokes.

Prime Gaming has another August release: Metamorphosis, a first-person adventure that lets you take on a surrealistic world as a tiny bug named Gregor. Planet Alpha meanwhile is a 2018 action-adventure title set in an alien planet where you will need to harness the power of day and night to survive.

Puzzle games A Normal Lost Phone, Another Lost Phone, Laura’s Story and Secret Files Tunguska are the puzzle games. Lost Horizon 2 – a story about a British soldier fighting to save his family from being captured in a war between powerful enemies – is one of the games available for Prime members.

Genshin Impact has some goodies to level you up, including 60 Primogems and 8 Hero’s Wit, as well as the two Battlefield games Prime is giving away at different times. A seven-day boost in renown is available for Rainbow Six Siege. There are also items for Sea of Thieves, including a Ruby Splashtail Hull and Ruby Splashtail Hull packs, as well as a Knife Trick Emote and a Gun Buddy for Vallorant.

You can sign up for Amazon Prime Gaming to get these games and other content.

Publited at Thu 29 July 2021, 14:45:01 (+0000).

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