Vivo was inspired by John Candy’s movie.

Netflix recently released the latest creation from Hamilton author Lin-Manuel Miranda, Vivo. This is the story of a little animal that communicates with music, and who has to send a letter to his father. Quiara Alegria HUDES, who worked alongside Miranda on In The Heights also wrote a lot Vivo, paying particular attention to Gabi’s (Ynairaly Simo), results.

Gabi is an impulsive young lady who doesn’t mind being messed around with her bigger-than-life personality and nature.

These aspects of Gabi can clash with Vivo and the two are unable to work together without falling apart.

Only speaking said that this effect is due to Hudes looking at older buddy movies, one of which was the classic 1987 John Candy film.

She stated that she had watched “Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and movies about strange-couple friendships.”

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Hudes continued: “Friendships formed out of conflict may sometimes feel a bit more genuine and urgent, because there are a lot of hurdles. That was it.

“Gabi and Vivo started in very different areas in terms of their personalities and had to find each other’s affinity.”

Gabi was an unusual project for Hudes. She had a particular image of Gabi in her head.

She was particularly keen on Gabi standing out among other animated young women.

Hudes didn’t want to be the typical beauty, hidden by circumstances. She wanted to make a firecracker.

Hudes said that she wanted to add some girl power. Gabi was to embody both the elegance and refinery they had.

“Not one girl looks beautiful and feels nice inside, but she is a black sheep.

“A girl who wears her Black Sheep-ness all over, inside and out.”

Hudes said: “I definitely felt, growing up with a large Puerto Rican family of girls and women that the way we modelled girl characters… There were some limits to my feelings there. She should be as unique as her personality.”

Gabi was not just inspired by Hudes’ childhood experiences. Gabi was inspired by her real-life relatives.

Her confession was that Gabi was inspired by her baby sister. When I was 13, I was the geeky square one. Then, I got this baby sister.

She really shaken me out of my more sophisticated habits. Her life was a celebration of her awesomeness! She was able to walk, talk and communicate from the moment she was born.”

Hudes continued: “She didn’t apologize for loving herself, even though the world told you that you were too fat or loud… She brought me so much joy.”

Gabi ignites Vivo in everyone she meets with her inspiration and hope for the future.

Hudes’ older sister may have done the same thing for Hudes.

Vivo now available on Netflix

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