Emma Willis' husband Matt details family's 'dismay' over new
Role amid domestic issues

Emma Willis’ husband Matt details family’s ‘dismay’ over new Role amid domestic issues

Emma Willis' husband Matt details family's 'dismay' over new
Role amid domestic issues

Matt Willis (Busted star), 38, revealed that his role as Waitress in the UK/Ireland tour is a major downer. It will begin in September, and Matt will be ending his stint as Dr Pomatter in February.

Matt expressed his enthusiasm for the musical role, but Emma Willis (45), and their three children Ace, Trixie and Isabelle (9 and 5 years respectively) had reservations.

During an interview with Chris Evans on Virgin Radio’s Chris Evans Breakfast Show, Matt discussed the “tough situation”.

Gaby Roslin and Sam Pinkham, Chris’s hosts, asked Matt how many hours he would have to be away from his family and loved ones over the course of the series.

Gabby asked Matt “You’re going to tour?”

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“I will drive back, from wherever I am. I’ll have Sunday all the way. Some days don’t close until Tuesday so Monday is at home.

Sam responded by saying, “It’s tough Mate. Two days at home with my family is tough.

Matt laughed and said: “Yeah!

“And I suppose I have to be there for those two days. But I really look forward to it.

It’s going be great. We’ve got lots of time off. Christmas is five weeks away.

So everyone has their own way of handling it.

Gabby interrupted, “It’s continuing forever this tour also,” Gabby said.

Emma shared her concerns about Matt’s absence with Busted, her husband on tour.

Voice UK’s presenter confessed that she is “extremely paranoid” about the safety of their home.

Emma spoke candidly last year on When No One’s Watching.

“I feel I have become incredibly paranoid about safety since I became older and had children.”

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