Fortnite Among Us: Imposters game mode tips and tricks

Fortnite Among Us: Imposters game mode tips and tricks

Fortnite Among Us: Imposters game mode tips and tricks

Fortnite fans can check out a brand new game mode, titled Imposters.

Inspire by Among Us is Imposters, a ten person game mode where players have to expose the saboteurs.

The Bridge is maintained by eight agents, and two impostors attempt to take it over.

You must complete all assignments if you are to be an Agent.

It includes calibration of chests and llamas as well as repairing Battle Buses.

You will need to be able to finish the tasks fast and avoid Imposters if you want to win.

When Agents successfully vote out the imposters or complete their assignments, victory is achieved.

Report if you discover a fragment that has been eliminated by a fellow agent. Epic elaborates. “Everyone will be teleported into The Bridge, where they can notify Agents about any suspected IO betrayal and vote them out.”

To take over The Bridge, imposters must destroy Agents. To halt progress, they can disable assigned tasks.

A second handy tip is being able to move Agents or Impostors around on The Bridge. This will allow you to hide your tracks while playing Imposter.

You should also take advantage of the Peely Partie, where all agents and imposters appear like Peely temporarily. It’s the best time to strike.

It’s a bit more difficult to complete Assignments for Imposters. You will blend into the crowd and help the agents win the match.

You will almost certainly get caught if you are an imposter trying to undermine Assignments.

The key to success as an Imposter or Agent is using the Quick Chat menu.

Epic says, “Sometimes it’s necessary to Forcibly a Discussion in order to check in with fellow Agents to discuss the Impostor Infiltration.”

You can call the discussion panel at The Bridge’s central room or find an Agent who has been eliminated and report it.

“Agents and impostors can exchange information during discussions via Emotes, a new Quick Chat menu and contextual questions. They also have the ability to accuse suspicious candidates of being ejected.

“At each Discussion’s end, Agents or Impostors vote on whether to eject someone from The Bridge. Pay attention to the accusations and objections of others. If someone was voted out, Impostors will be one step closer at eliminating all. Sometimes voting may not be the best choice.

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