Elvis Presley: Priscilla has Lisa Marie and Lisa Marie’s favorite nicknames, The King.

Elvis Presley was married to Priscilla Presley from 1967-1973 and they had one child together, Lisa Marie. His ex-wife shares little-known details about The King’s private life every now and again. She also revealed his affectionate nicknames for his daughter and wife a few years back.

Priscilla was questioned on her Facebook page: “Did Elvis ever name you or Lisa Marie under other names?” Nicknames?”

To which The King’s ex-wife revealed that he would refer to me as ‘Little One’ and her as ‘Yittle’.

Priscilla, in another Q&A, shared the story of how Lisa Marie and Priscilla came up with Lisa Marie’s names while they were in bed upstairs at Graceland.

She said, “I purchased a book with baby names for Elvis. I could choose from.”

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Priscilla said that “Baz visited my house a few times. He promised to send the script when he returned from Australia. However, he is still at work on it. It has not arrived, making me nervous.

Baz is a little bit offbeat, so it makes me nervous. “I don’t know his plans.”

Although the 76-year old admitted that the director of films has made great movies, she isn’t sure what her angle will be on Elvis.

She stated, “I don’t know where he is going.” He has his ideas. He’s had conversations with people. It all comes down to who he has talked to.

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