Monty Don answers worried Gardener's World viewers
Tweet sparks exit worries

Monty Don answers worried Gardener’s World viewers Tweet sparks exit worries

Monty Don answers worried Gardener's World viewers
Tweet sparks exit worries

Monty Don has been the lead presenter on Gardeners’ World since 2003, when he took over from Alan Titchmarsh. After a concern over a social media post, the 66 year-old had to assure his fans that there are no plans to quit the program.

Monty shared a behind the scenes photo of Monty’s crew on Twitter last week.

The picture shows Gerry Dawson, the cameraman, and Noah his assistant filming in his backyard.

Fans were told by the horticulturist that he had been with him for 23 years.

He shared the tweet with 238,700 of his followers. However, some people seemed to have read too much.

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Monty added the following to the photo of the pair: “The fantastic Gerry Dawson and assistant/runner Noah filming in the garden today.

He continued, “I’ve worked for Gerry over the last 23 years. It has been an unremitting pleasure and privilege.”

It’s great to look at the faces of those around you. One follower commented that the whole thing works smoothly and it is easy to forget it’s not you alone in an oasis calm.

Others thought the tweet hinted at an imminent exit.

@TheMontyDon, please let us know that you aren’t leaving GW. It feels like a real possibility, thanks to this tweet. The message said that you are asking the same question …”.

Monty replied, “No, I have no plans to go. Monty assured the viewer that he was still with him for a time.

Gardeners’ World, which was first presented earlier in the year by Adam and Monty respectively, took a brief break.

Later, he told his fans that he was working on a new series and was filming overseas.

Monty posted this tweet in June: “Away From GW Tonight (and Next Week) Because I have been filming new shows in Italy, Greece, and Croatia.

He said, “Back now. Continue filming in our garden next week as usual.”

The TV Star had the honor of hosting a Royal to his Herefordshire garden while filming the series.

Longmeadow was visited by the Duchess Cornwall during August’s sunny spell. Viewers were able watch the episode late in the month.

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