Vehicle sticker for the UK: New Spain car regulations How to become a driver

The Government says that anyone who wants to drive in Spain a British vehicle or in Spain any other type of vehicle will have to obtain a “UK” sticker to avoid being fined. It is possible to get one from the following places:

With the exception of Ireland which doesn’t require stickers, this is true.

According to government guidance, you will have to clearly display a UK sticker on your rear bumper if your number plates include any of these:

– A GB identifier that is paired with the Union Flag (also called the Union Jack).

– a Euro symbol

Flag of England, Scotland, or Wales

Only numbers and letters, no flags or identifiers


You don’t need to have a sticker if your plate has the UK identification number with the Union flag (also called the Union Jack).

You must have a UK sticker if you are in Spain, Cyprus, or Malta.

You can purchase the new stickers online or in garages and post offices for PS1.50.

International requirements require that your vehicle be displayed with its country of origin.

The UN stated that the notification was that the United Kingdom would change the distinctive sign it previously chose to display in international traffic for vehicles registered in the United Kingdom from ‘GB” to ‘UK”.

This is believed to have taken place in solidarity with Northern Ireland, although no formal reasons were given.

The use of “UK” refers to both Great Britain (and Northern Ireland)

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