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Rare Michael Schumacher update on health: The racing legend will “slowly but surely” improve his condition.

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Rare Michael Schumacher update on health: The racing legend will "slowly but surely" improve his condition.

In 2013, the French Alps witnessed the tragic ski accident. The racing legend suffered severe brain injury after his helmet fell off. Putting an abrupt end to his racing career, other drivers such as Lewis Hamilton have beaten his records and claimed his titles. There has always been strict privacy surrounding Schumacher’s condition but recently a long-term friend has provided some insight.

Jean Todt, F1 chief, spoke to Bild about his hope that Schumacher’s health will improve slowly and steadily.

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Todt continued to speak highly of Schumacher’s wife Corinna, who saved him from death.

In 2014, the racer was able to be rescued from unconsciousness after spending almost a whole year in coma.

Todt said: “I have spent lots of time with Corinna ever since Michael’s serious ski accident in December 2013. She’s a wonderful woman who runs the family.

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She didn’t expect that. She had no other choice but to accept it as an unexpected event. She does it well. She trusts me, and I trust her.

He survived thanks to his doctors’ efforts and Corinna’s cooperation, but with severe consequences.

The Telegraph reported that in 2014, the man was paralysed and was in a wheelchair.

We can only assume that these were the results Todt was referring to.


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Todt is not as strong and determined today, but he still believes in the courage of the racers who fight for survival.

Bernie Ecclestone, F1’s chief executive officer, gave a small but positive update last month.

He said that he believes the driver will be able to answer his own questions regarding his health one day, even though it is not yet.

Schumacher is still recovering in Switzerland. Corinna, his wife, handpicks the few allowed visitors.

There are two kinds of brain injuries, such as that suffered by Schumacher.

According to WebMD, people can either suffer a traumatic brain or acquired brain injury that disrupts the normal functioning of their brains.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI).The brain is damaged by external forces, such as blows to the head.

Acquired brain Injury (ABI).It occurs at the cell level. This is usually caused by pressure on the brain. It could also be due to a neurological condition such as stroke or a tumor.

People with severe brain injuries are more likely to experience life-altering and permanent disabilities, including cognitive, physical, and behavioral impairments.

Brain damage: Causes

The brain is starved when a person gets in an accident that results in a head injury.

Permanent damage is caused by prolonged oxygen starvation.

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