Horror story: Holiday horror! A 3 year old British girl is attacked by a coyote in the USA, leaving her ear hanging.

Elodie Lewis was from South London and was enjoying the sunset at North Herring Cove Beach in Massachusetts with her mother Megan Lewis, her father Michael, and grandmother.

Megan, hearing her youngest daughter screaming and seeing a “massive” dog made their night miserable.

Megan shared her story with My London, “I have been going to there since I was a child and my children there ever since.”

We decided to sit on our blankets and look up at the stars, as the sun began to set.

“Elodie was just a few feet from us when suddenly, we heard screams. We looked over to see that it seemed like a large dog.”

Megan couldn’t see Elodie in danger and believed it was a dog that had gotten off the lead.

She said, “My husband was there in 2 steps. He screamed at coyotes to leave and it backtracked a bit.

I thought that it had just scared her.

Michael ran to the car, and I followed them as they walked. I then saw that it was following us.

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It accompanied us to our car.

It had no fear. I was only two feet from it.”

Megan needed to remove Elodie’s sweatshirt and apply compressions to her wounds after she returned to her car.

Megan said, “I shined a light on Elodie and saw blood all over her face.”

We had to travel uphill because there was no mobile service.

I took off my sweatshirt, and began to compress her wounds.

“Her ear was practically hanging off.

It was totally mutilated, and she had cut her neck and face.”

The family was finally able to get an ambulance and drove another hour to the nearest hospital.

Elodie received three doses of Ketamine upon their arrival at the hospital. However, they were worried that they might be hit with a $35,000 medical bill (PS25,000).

Elodie has returned to the UK, and an appeal page was set up for the reimbursement of medical expenses. She is doing well.

Coyotes were shot by park rangers on the beaches.

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