The Hardy Boys & Other Movies & TV Shows to Watch on Hulu/Prime Video This Weekend

As April 2022 begins in earnest, the next wave of content coming to digital platforms, including Hulu and Prime Video, expands their already extensive libraries of television shows and films to stream. From new original programming to old favorites arriving on these streaming catalogs, there is no shortage of shows and movies to binge this weekend. Fortunately, CBR is here to help provide some timely recommendations for you to enjoy, across a variety of genres available on Prime Video and Hulu.

Here are all the biggest and best television series and movies to catch on Hulu and Prime Video this weekend, either as they make their grand debut or last bow before leaving their respective streaming platforms for the foreseeable future.

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The Hardy Boys Are Back for a New Mystery

Hardy Boys Woods Night

After premiering in 2020, The Hardy Boys is finally returning for its second season on Hulu. Adapting the beloved crime novel series by Edward Stratemeyer, Season 2 has one of Joe’s classmates mysteriously disappear, prompting him and his brother Frank to embark on their own investigation. This puzzle is tied to the ancient relic introduced in The Hardy Boys Season 1, with the Hardy brothers realizing there is more to this missing person case.

The Hardy Boys Season 1 deftly balanced family drama and a genuinely engrossing mystery, and Season 2 looks to up the ante. Leaning into its coming-of-age themes and genuine sibling chemistry between its leads while it masterfully maintains its suspenseful pacing. For those looking for a family-friendly crime story that keeps sight of its emotional stakes, The Hardy Boys certainly fits the bill.

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The Lighthouse Shines Its Last, Paranoid Light

As Robert Eggers’ next film The Northman is poised to open in theaters this month, the acclaimed filmmaker’s delightfully weird movie The Lighthouse leaves Prime Video in April. Headlined by Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe, before both actors resurfaced in the spotlight for The Batman and Spider-Man: No Way Home, respectively, the movie follows two lighthouse keepers stranded in their remote lighthouse by a storm. As their isolation continues, the two men descend into madness as paranoia begins to set in.

Both Dafoe and Pattinson deliver powerhouse performances, playing off each other well as their respective characters steadily lose their grasp on sanity. Eggers has always excelled at crafting eccentric, tense period pieces, and The Lighthouse is the filmmaker at his most psychologically compromising. In his two leads, Eggers found the perfect muses, with the film bringing audiences to the edge as an exploration of the fragility of sanity and allure of paranoia.

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Let the Right One In Bares Its Fangs on Hulu

let the right one in

One of the most chillingly effective horror movies to come out of Sweden is 2008’s Let the Right One In, with the film arriving on Hulu this month. An update on the vampire sub-genre, the film has a young boy named Oskar befriend a strange girl named Eli who moves into his neighborhood in the 1980s. As the two children grow closer, bloody events leave a trail of victims around the community.

A dark coming-of-age story that marks the end of innocence with one of the most terrifying vampire stories in recent memory, Let the Right One In was remade by The Batman filmmaker Matt Reeves for American audiences as Let Me In in 2010. And while Reeves’ adaptation has its own merits as a solid horror movie in its own right, the Swedish original remains the high bar for a vampire story. If you missed Let the Right One In the first time around, now’s the perfect time to revisit the horror classic.

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All the Old Knives Pits Chris Pine Against Thandiwe Newton

All the Old Knives - movie

While actor Chris Pine leans into conventional action movie fare with The Contractor, he explores the more cerebral side of the espionage genre in the new Prime Video original movie All the Old Knives. Pine and cos-tar Thandiwe Newton star as a pair of former lovers who work for the CIA. The couple reunites for dinner to reminisce about their lives and career together, working out of Vienna years ago before deadly secrets come to light.

Based on the novel by Olen Steinhauer, who also wrote the adaptation’s screenplay, All the Old Knives provides a postmodern twist on the spy genre, with its two leads reflecting on their cloak-and-dagger careers before the bloody truth comes to the surface. Joining Pine and Newton are co-stars Laurence Fishburne and Jonathan Pryce, expanding the already impressive cast as a verbal cat-and-mouse game escalates. And though Pine and Newton’s characters meet for a seemingly innocent dinner, it becomes clear that one of these two protagonists will not be surviving the night.

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District 9 Remains a Gold Standard in Imaginative Science Fiction

district 9 prawn neill blomkamp 2009

With Halo finally having made its way to television, one of the filmmakers originally attached to adapting the iconic video game property was Neil Blomkamp. The South African director has since made a line of imaginative science fiction films, but none are more widely acclaimed than his 2009 feature film debut District 9. The movie has extraterrestrials, nicknamed Prawns, settle in South Africa, leading to tension with humanity.

Blending social commentary with sci-fi action, District 9 is one of the most engaging sci-fi movies in the past fifteen years. With its extraterrestrial mayhem and futuristic weapons, the film offers a glimpse at what could have been if Blomkamp had been given the opportunity to helm a Halo adaptation. And while the video game franchise ultimately went in a different direction, District 9 is still a solid sci-fi action flick in its own right.

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